Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Travel Expenses 2012

As many other years, I always keep a track of all my travel expenses. This year wasn’t that busy travel wise speaking.

Sulayr route in Almeria

But I had some lovely time back home in Spain, which happen not so often.

Having peppermint tea while watching the sunset. Almeria January 2012.

Having Curry wurst with Lauren from roamintheworld

Then relocate to London from February to September. Not much to say a part from exploring tightly the huge European metropolis while working for London Olympics Games 2012 and a short weekend trip to Manchester. Short visit back home in Spain to say goodbye to family and friends.

Egg Hunting during easter in London, England.

Just a quick introduction about where I had been traveling this year
The big trip, Silk Diving Trip, starts on October 16, after having to delay it due to visa issues with Kazakhstan. After being able to get only 5 days transit visa. Traveling to Kyrgyzstan and spending 2 incredible weeks there. One week in Hong Kong that leads me to find a new job and a new base in Asia. Still traveling to Philippines to visit my sister and do Rescue Diver with her. Back to Hong Kong and my life is a chaos again. Ending the year sick and alone in this city but full of projects.

After the introduction, just to remark, from London to Almaty, Bishkek to Hong Kong I bought single ticket only. I know it is expensive, but it is the only way to do it, when you don’t know where are you going and when…This open return ticket I haven’t seen them in my life.
From Hong Kong to Clark I bought return ticket for visa purpose in Philippines.
In total I spent  717.12GBP in flights (6 flights). Also, 60GBP of fee to delay my flight (due to wonderful visa bureaucracy ). I didn’t pay to check-in my baggage or food as it was inclusive in my ticket (even with Air Philippines Express)

I have my personal policy to avoid countries where I am not welcome, due to my passport. If I am required visa in a country, I am off. Until they don’t relax the visa policy, do not expect Noelfy to show up. Visa on arrival is fine, even if it didn’t happen still to me. But I did want to visit Kazakhstan.
So I pay in total 15,50GBP for my Kazakh visa.

I was lucky enough to be couchsurfing or "friendsurfing" mostly everywhere, except for one night in Bishkek (350 soms) and 2 nights in Bokombaev (500 soms each).

In Central Asia is quite affordable. Bus ticket in Almaty is 80TG, Minivan fare in Kyrgyzstan is 8 soms. Intercity transport also very cheap, 1300TG to cross the border, 350soms from Bishkek to Karakol, 200 from Karakol to Bokombaev, 500 from Naryn to Bishkek.
Inside Hong Kong transport is also quite cheap. Taking the ferry or tram is just about a few HK$. Underground and buses would never set more than 40HK$ in a busy day.
In Philippines transport is cheap, usually spend around 42 PHP to go back and forward from the dive school in Baretto.

In Kazakhstan was quite cheap eating out, but expensive to buy at the supermarket (Does it make sense?). Usually spent around 700 tenges at day in food. In Kyrgyzstan very cheap to eat delicious meals out, and never pay more than 70-80soms.  At the beginning in Hong Kong I was staying close to the University campus and food there was around 30HK$ per meal. At night working in the restaurant food and drinks covered.
In Philippines you can eat well for 50-60 pesos, 200 if we wanted to go for something fancy (as kinilaw)

This is what I spent in accommodation, transport and food, having in consideration that I don’t buy souvenirs or stupid things. I don’t know how can other travel blogger be so precise about how much money they spend in cosmetic, food or so. I just know how much US$ I exchanged per local currency and divided by day of stay in each country. This is my daily average per country:

Dry fuit at Green Market, Almaty

Kazakhstan: 80$ in 5 days (including ticket to Kyrgyzstan)= 2400 tenges a day = 16US$
Kyrgyzstan: 150$ in 14 days. This is less than 11US$ a day;) But I had friends and “sisters” and did a lovely homestay in Naryn.
What?? Only 344 soms for that amount of food??

Hong Kong: Expenses in Hong Kong became hard to calculate for me as I started to earn some Honkies$. But I had a mental limit of 100HK$ a day. Even 2 days I paid only 5,6HK$ for ferry to Central to TST! (advantages of had worked on a cruise ship for 2 years…and have one of the vessels docked in the island in front of me;)

Philippines: Believe me or not, I have a budget of 900PHP a day (20US$!!). Because we didn’t have a kitchen and we have to eat out every day (and obviously, some nights we fancy to eat more than rice), the night in my “office” the cyber coffee I use to go to work in the blog, they make amazing frappucinos Starbucks style for only 85PHP; massage and spa, sorry, they are so nice and for about 350-400 a day, I do deserve a massage!! We also rented motorbike 2 twice to travel on our own and with friends.

"Rescuing" Ting Tong

I also did my rescue Diver training that costs 20,000PHP. Diving is quite expensive, especially getting the qualifications. But I won’t add this into my daily travel expenses as it was not a requirement, only part of my diving education.

All means that I spent an average of 15$ per day, during 73 days, crossing 4 countries and having millions of experiences.

Adding my flight tickets and my transit visa in Kazakhstan will be 1,741.27GBP in total, still an awesome 38$ a day, including 6 transcontinental flights from London to Philippines, baggage checked, credit cards surcharge, my Rescue Diving certification, accommodation, transport, food and another expenses.

Who dares to tell me now than travel is expensive?;)


-l said...

so you spent in 73 days what you would spend in 1 month working hard to live in London? Right on!

Noelfy said...

Well , I dont think I would spend that much in London either! :p

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