Saturday, January 12, 2013

Prices in Almaty

It is expensive to travel to Almaty?

Definitely the most expensive is to get there, as you most probably will have to fly, unless you are traveling by train from Russia or crossing the border from China or whatever your travel plans are. I pay 210GBP (310$) for one way ticket from London via Kiev with Ukraine Airlines.
Almaty can be very cheap or very expensive, depending of what we are talking about. I found buying groceries quite expensive comparing with eating out (same as the Philippines). The minimum bus fare is 80 Tг (100 Tг on the weekend or far distances buses). Drinking in a night club can be as expensive as in Europe.

Supermarket Green (do not confuse with Green Market)
 Find here some examples of prices I found in my trip (Today Jan 12 the exchange rate is 1AUD =159Tг; 1US$ = 150Tг; 1€ = 201Tг and 1GBP = 243)
  • 1kg of local apples: 100-250 Tг
  • 1 pint of beer in a local club at Saturday night: 600 Tг
  • 1 can of beer in supermarket: 70 Tг
  • 4 courses lunch including gratuity: 700 Tг
  • 1,5l of water: 120 Tг
  • 5L of water: 189 Tг
  • Packet of chewing gun: 80Tг

  • Samsa (local snack): 80 Tг
  • Micro Sim card at the airport :500 Tг including 200 Tг credit (enough for 5 days if you are holding a transit visa)
  • Manty (local meat dumplings) + tea: 400 Tг
  • A trip in the brand new metro: 80 Tг
  • Minimum fare for taxi: 300Tг

  • A Packet of cigarettes: 180 Tг
  • 500gr of beef mince: 570 Tг
  • The most expensive gasoline liter: 139 Tг
  • A Cuppa/coffee take away: 50/60 Tг
  • 1 Bottle of 750ml of vodka: 350 Tг

Wow, 32€ for a few slices of horse meat...But why you have to eat the horse? :(

If any Almatian wants to add more examples or sees something wrong, please do correct me to get an accurate guide. 
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