Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Value of a Photo

When a finish my fantastic lunch at the Filipino food market (Mango juice, soya sauce clams and sweet & sour fish), one girl came with her mum and she asked me:

Just half of my meal (fish being cooked): 27RM = 7US$

-Can my daughter have a photo taken with you?

I look into the child brighty smile.

-Yes, of course!

I am very happy.This situation was certainly the best end for a day full of excursions and discovering.
That a local came to ask ME if they can have their photos taken with me has a lot of meaning.

  • They are so interesting in someone foreigner, that they want to keep a souvenir for life.
  • They are not afraid to come and ask for the photo.
  • This is just another evidence about how nice and friendly people are here.

This case is especially interesting, as we are talking about women of different cultures, age, ways of dressing and religion. But the little girl wasn't ashamed to come and ask me. I love this country every day more and more!

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