Monday, January 28, 2013

Visiting the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Tell me they are not the cutest thing ever

For many people, hugging a sweet and soft koala is one of the dreams of our life. Many of us ( me inclusive, of course) we make all our way to get to Australia, for only having the chance to pet this soft and lovely moving teddy bears.
While in Brisbane I had the chance to visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. To go there; take the bus
450 or 435 that will drop you at the Koala Sanctuary.

Finally I arrived to the Koala Sanctuary!

"The Earth is not only for human" Wise words, little koala!

This place is charge of new born, injured or “retired” koalas (older than 10 years old). They carefully select the eucalyptus for them (Koalas are quite picky, they just eat 6 out of 50 varieties of eucalyptus that naturally grown in the country).
Young Koala sleeping in a very complicated posture that I could not imitate.

There is several types of entrance fee and usually foreign student cards are accepted. You will get an extra 2$ discount when the entrance if purchased in the tourism office at Adelaide Street. If you want to take your photo with the koala, the price is 16 AU$ for the basic design, once purchased the photo one of your friends is welcomed to take also photos of you with the camera or smart phone. You will get the print copy and the 400x300 tiny free digital copy. You can also purchase your full size digital copy for 6AU$ online.

Entrance fees, shows and rules for the Lone Pine.

How to hold a koala
When your turn arrives, the koala handler will teach you how to put your hands together to hold that “tremendous butt”.

Oh my God, she is giving me the koala!
I got him!

Then you will be handle the koala, very slowly…He will hug you as a tree… You have only a few minutes to enjoy with your koala. Smile! This is the photo of your life!

My koala is called Darren

Smile Darren!

Now the hardest moment arrives...She is taking the koala from me!
Nooo! Give me back Darren!

If koalas are too lazy for you, then go and play with the kangaroos…But also they might just be chilling out on the shadows (Australian style). 

It's too hot to be jumping, maaate!

We rather chill out on the shadow.

You will be luckier with the tiny and nervous wallaroo. For sure you will be able to spot any of the joeys, baby kangaroos born after 30-35 days of pregnancy and still need many months to develop inside mum’s pouch.
Kangaroos teaching me how to jump.

Mother Kangaroos with joey in her pouch.

They are also very cute!

Can you see the joey?

Walaroo + baby

If still kangaroos is not your stuff, there are Dingos (a wild animal very similar to a domestic dog), wombats or Tasmania Demons (hard to spot, they are napping all the time except in feeding time).
Tassie Demon

There is a little farm for the kids with chicken, guinea pigs, pony’s, sheep, goats…All ready to interact with you.
Hello you!
There is a gift shop in the entrance and by the koala stands that sell all possible merchandising about koalas and the rest of the family animal of the zoo. Also a food court close by, buy you are welcome to bring your own sandwich. There is several hand washing stations to clean your hands after touching the animals, but not drinking water available.
A small cruise company called MiriMar cruises along the Brisbane River from Story Bridge down to Lone Pine. Last cruise is at 1:45pm.

At the entrance/exit, a huge bunch of signs will tell you how far (or how close) you are from home.

Have you ever visited the Lone Pine Sanctuary and hold a koala?


Ruboncio said...

I want to cuddle one Darrenn!! :'(

Noelfy said...

You will have the chance to cuddle your own Darren one day, you will see how soft and "smelly" they are! ;)

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