Sunday, February 24, 2013

Labuan Island

Most probably, if you are not traveling in Borneo, you will not hear about Palau Labuan (or Labuan Island).
This small island is situated between Kota Kinabalu and the Sultanate of Brunei. It is a duty free island, so many international products are sold here with airport duty free prices.

Labuan Port

How to get there
You will find yourself in a short tour around in this island if traveling from Kota Kinabalu. Take the ferry at 8am (go to the port a little bit earlier to buy your ticket and terminal fee for 60RM + 3,60RM). You will get to Labuan at 11:30am.

Labuan Express from KK. 3,5 hours of trip

Is there baggage deposit in Labuan Port?
Yes, there is one charging 1RM for small bag, 2RM for backpack and 3RM for a big baggage. Be smart or the guy will try to make you pay 3RM for your backpack!

Small baggage deposit at the port

Is there something to do around the port?
Not much, if you are leaving to Brunei at 13:30am (the 3:00pm ferry seems to be cancelled). Just a common village with lots of local eateries and Chinese noodle places.

Places to have a lunch
I tried Easy and Light, quite clean and abundant food, especially if you like spicy food. I had a Tom Yaan soup, the most spicy one of my life with honeydew melon juice and a soda (imagine how spicy it was, if I had to order a soda!). 12RM. WIFI was unavailable that time.

Delicious but I was crying when eating! So spicy!

Free Wifi in Labuan
KFC in front of the port has wifi but it wasn’t giving me connection that day. Inside the port look for TM WIFI, it is open and works quite well.

Is really cheap there?
I was informed of the cheap prices of Labuan Island, however when there I didn’t feel any different with Borneo Island. And the liquors or chocolates sold at the duty free shops are not particularly cheap (same as any airport or port of the world)

Strange coke cans

Have you ever been in Labuan and you feel like adding some comments? Feel free to do so anytime!


Galipón said...

Interesting, although I think is pretty far from Japan to go for a ride, XD

Noelfy said...

you don't have any idea how many Japanese people in Borneo Island (well, everywhere:P)

ngumbang said...

Gotta admit. Your site looks good. At least giving a little bit of info where Labuan is. Not many people know where is the island.

A small island with so much things to do and see. Amazing. That is one thing I have to say. And a very beautiful island indeed. Calm and breezy.

Anyways, while I was flying to Labuan with my group of guys, we used this website to help us out.

It was fun though. You should try it too!

Noelfy said...

Hello ngumbang!
Thanks for passing by and leave a comment!
I didnt have the chance to spend a lot of time in Labuan as I was on transit Brunei, but definitely I will go back when I have the chance!
I see you are from Kuching! This is one of my favorite cities in Malaysia Borneo! keep tunned, many post about Kuching, Bako Park and the Orang utang center coming soon!
Terimah kasi!

Albert said...

If you happen to be in Labuan Island again, maybe you can consider these places

1. The Chimney
2. Bird Park
3. War Memorial
4. Surrender Point

and many more, check out my tag posts in my blog ^_^

Noelfy said...

Pity I didn't find your blog before, everything what I was reading is that Labuan is not much interesting :(
I should have stayed at least one day

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