Friday, February 1, 2013

Novosibirsk Airport Review

I was very excited to land in Novosibirsk airport, but very scared as well, as I did not have any Russian visa. But everything went fine, and this airport was lovely. Snowing all the time and it was only the beginning of November.

The best of Novosibirsk airport is without doubt, free and fast wifi. I managed to upload a lot of images there (Internet was considerable faster than in Kyrgyzstan, even if Bishkek).
My office in Novobirsk Airport

And once on board, the best: I observed the first de-icing of my life. When I used to be flight attendant back in 2008 in Europe, de-icing was only in the manual… It’s nice to see sometimes in live things that you studied long time ago.

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