Monday, April 15, 2013

20 pictures about oil painting village in Da Fen, China

Da Fen is a Oil painting village located in Shenzhen area. Actually it is quite a huge neighbourhood. If you have a few days to spend in Shenzhen is worth the visit as you can see like the artisan are painting there in front of you.

Unfortunately this area of the city is very polluted (yes, welcome to China!) and I have difficulties to breath. I also found "Smile Burger King"a nice tea place with quite decent internet by the village if you want to check internet while sipping your bubble tea (or eat some fast food if you fancy too). The Stewed milky pudding there is delicious.

Find here some pictures about the village:

This kind of statue is the latest fashion in China

Oranges. It was Chinese new year.

Bikes! They will change the world!

A young artist creating.

You can buy every kind of art related products in this village.

Done by an International Hostess like me

Again, our friends.

One Chinese temple

Any place is good to open a shop. Inside the temple, why not?

The main village square

Have you ever been in a village exclusively dedicated to one activity?


Mustachio said...

An art village!! I think I can spend the entire day here!

Agness Walewinder said...

We've never been there, but we really fancy these little Chinese oil paintings we see in the street of Dongguan every day.

Noelfy said...

Yes, I can stay all the day there too, just watching how the guys do the paintings!

China is so full of art!! I really need to go there!I didn't see any of this paintings in your village, Agness.

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