Thursday, February 7, 2013

Raggamuffin 2013

I was lucky to attend the Raggamuffin festival in February 2013 in Rotorua. The same weekend I was planning to go there and explore the area and the hot springs, my friend’s family wanted to go to this festival and they took us with them.
It is easy to get to the festival, a shuttle bus is provided. If not, you can take bus no9 and stop at Huya Street. The Raggamuffin festival was located as many other years in the Rotorua International Stadium, Rotorua, Bay of Plenty, .
When you arrive to the festival, you will have to scan your ticket and get your entrance bracelet. This bracelet has a small code that you will top-up (For the first time you top-up 4,5$ fee applies but you can use the same bracelet for the following day of the festival without paying the fee twice and many people use the same armband to pay) Many Activities are provided inside the Festival Village. Traditional and fast food, coffee to go, Mussel fritter, Maori food…
Get to the University is easy to the maoris, if they can fit their busy familiar life

Traditional maori bag
Maori food and other stuff

A huge tend will serve kava, a traditional drink for the Pacific Islands. The roots are harvested after 3 years and then dried. Once is completely dried, they will be turn into powder. Once you miss it with water, it’s time to drink! Kava is not alcohol but produce relaxation and euphoria, and when drink in high quantities, it will develop some euphoria and similar effects as the alcohol but it cannot be detected by drugs or alcohol regular tests.
Stirring the kava

Maoris drinking kava

Kava tent

A lot of information to learn about Maori culture, university… 

If you are a tourist a you just want a cheap SIM card during your stay in New Zealand, don’t let yourself rip-off by 2degrees or Vodafone…The will be selling their SIM cards at 10$, minimum top up 20$ or 30$ with 15$ inclusive…Too much for just a few days…I was lucky to get my Micro Skinny, free and with one week load already! Finally!!! And they make your top-up double in the festival. So for 5$ I got 3 weeks load which means 60 minutes phone call, 100 txts and 200MB data… Plus the Skinny team were super friendly and gave us sunglasses, Frisbee, T-shirts…
Useful sun cream station

Definitely it was a funny weekend, everyone got sunburn (even if free sun creams station were spread everywhere) and the atmosphere was just amazing! Reggae + Maoris and kiwis! Amazing combination!


Galipón said...

Nice festival!

I love reggae and music festivals too. And if you can enjoy having drinks that make you feel happy, even better ;)

Was it in NZ?

Interesting idea: free sun cream stations.

You have won a follower, see you in Galipón ;)

Noelfy said...

Grazas Galipón!

Yes, Organic Root Drink moody flavour! Cool! But it won't drive me crazy! Still a must try in the Pacific Islands.
The festival was hold in Rotorua, New Zealand.
Myself, I am a walking free sun cream station, I felt released when I finally found the big one...:P

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