Sunday, February 17, 2013

Traveler vs tourist

Common people use to confuse both terms, but in my opinion there are massive differences between each other:

Tourists are more likely to "lock" themselves in resorts and places with people from the same country. No Name Bar in Cozumel, Mexico.
  • Tourist: Usually has a few days vacation per year and does not want to get complicated. Book through travel agencies, holidays packages with accommodation, transfer, excursions and most probably everything inclusive. They never travel on their own, always with friend/couple/the full family. They have little to noone knowledge about the place they are going to visit, local language or dialects. They most probably added "traveling" as a hobby in their personal description.  
  • Traveler: For the real traveler, travel is not a hobby, it's their life! You are able to sacrifice comfort and personal belonging in order to get further in your travels. Traveler reach places where tourist have never been seen. The real traveler will be most probably on his/her own, but it is not uncommon to travel with a companion. Travel is not about how many of the touristy monument you visit or how many countries have you been but fully integrated with the local communities you are visiting.
I think you really get to know how locals really live by visiting their markets. This is Tagbilaran Market in Bohol, Philippines.

Just a normal noodle eatery with two salarymen. Nagoya, Japan.

Does this interest anyone? yes, me! It can be a pawn house, but I love this village! Roatán, Honduras
Do you agree with my definitions or you would like to add anything else? I will keep adding more conclusion once I clarify my mind!


Miss Mureena said...

Yep, I am happy that my mail might have caused really isan interesting subject. Also when it comes to reality, meaning when you meet different people while your out there.

Galipón said...

Definitely, travellers and tourists are different people.

I like to consider myself a traveller too, but I don't have enough time to travel for long periods of time.

Although, I think the most important in a traveller is to be a restless mind who wants to know more and more about new places, cultures, people, etc.

Noelfy said...

@Miss Murena: This debate had always been in my mind. You meet definitely different people depending which kind of traveler you are. I had a friend who travel to Thailand for a month but just gathered with people from his country and getting drunk everyday. Do you think he made some Thai friends? Of course not;)

Noelfy said...

@Galipón: It's the way that you consider yourself, not the time you spend traveling! I can assure you everyone would love to travel 366 days per year;)

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