Saturday, March 23, 2013

Be the perfect Ambassador of your country.

When you travel into a different country, soon, you will be calling out everyone’s attraction. Many people will be very interested in your culture, your language, the place you live, the food you eat…

To be a successful traveler, just follow these tips:
  • Learn as much as you can of your own country History. Your new friends will make you many questions and nothing worse than being an ignorant from your own History. If you are from the “old continent” you are not expected to tell them more than 2000 years of History, but at least some of the biggest facts. If your country has “black periods” in which you are not very proud about what happened, you are most probably asked questions about that. If you don’t want to answer, just refuse politely the question. But it is a good idea to review again the facts and try to understand why that happened and how we can correct the situation (as my home country is Spain, even in Kyrgyzstan in the mountains I was asked nearly every day about the economic situation of my country, how did we turn to have so many difficulties if we were a first world country. Long explanation. But they need to know.They WANT to know. Same with the colonization of South America or the Philippines…)

Enjoying my first Oktoberfest in Munich.
  • If you attend a party or a dinner, you are also likely to be asked to cook any of the traditional dishes. Just pick one of the easiest one or at least, one that you can find the ingredients everywhere in the wold (Again, as Spanish, I am always asked to do paella, which is kind of hard without the right tools and ingredients. Doing a Tortilla de patatas is much easier and the ingredients (Eggs, potatoes, onions and oil) are available everywhere in the world.) Also, it is always a great idea to learn how to do a snack and a traditional drink (I master the Sangria and “rollitos de jamon de york rellenos de Roquefort y pasas” (Ham roll filled with Roquefort cheese and raisins).

Preparing a real Spanish Tortilla de Patatas

If you are a native speaker of one of the major languages, expect your new friends asking how to say “whatever” in your native tongue. Just be patience, it is a good way to have fun! Wherever you go, do not forget you are the ambassador of your country, and people will also judge you from where you are from, but you can also leave a good impression and delete any prejudice they might have about your nation. You might even bring new visitors to your country. So smile, and leave everyone impressed!
A proud Spanish girl studying in Germany.


Galipón said...

It's true. When you are one of the first Spanish that a guy in Japan or Philipines or so meet for first, then his image of your country will depenend always on you.

So, be happy, kind and so ;)

Noelfy said...

In my case I have to relax and explain that not all the Spaniards are like me, I was just bitten by the travelbug!

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