Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tips to get the Australian Visa

If you are a Spanish citizen traveling to Australia, you don’t need any visa to enjoy this beautiful country as a tourist. But you still need an electronic entrance permit (also known as sVisitor, similar to ESTA for the US)

Still, to avoid inconveniences and delays, you should apply for a eVisitor 2 months before your flight (You should not have a problem to get it, I applied and get it in 2 hours). Just visit the website of the Australian Government and fill it out the form. Keep a copy or just write the reference number in case you have to deal with that at the airport.

What about to get a working visa?
That’s a tough question. In the latest year many world citizen wants to develop their business and careers and the old American Dream is now the Kangaroo Dream. The Aussie government is getting every year more restricted and selective in order to grant working visas. A part from the old way, that any local company will sponsor you, even if you are a skilled person (check the list of skilled job here) you still will have to suffer for a long process until you are granted your visa (and most probably you will have to reapply (and obviously pay again the fee) and get your career diplomas translated and validated in order to get the working visa.

Is there any way to work in Australia?
If you speak already quite acceptable English, another idea is apply for the student visa (you can do it while already in the country) and join any course (English, business, surfing) whatever is possible, if they are a recognize school or academy. After you get your student visa, you are allowed to work legally up to 20 hours a week. The minimum salary is Australia is 15AU$ per hours and renting around should be around 160 a week in the biggest cities. You won’t become rich, but at least you will be able to survive there. If you are applying as a couple, only one of the applicants needs to attend one course. The partner is allowed to work as well at least 20 hours a week.

Does it really worth live in Australia?
Australia is a country full of contrasts, huge. The feeling of youth is very strong and people are quite healthy and fit. If your English is intermediate, a few months here will definitely push it and you will have a lovely experience. For the lucky countries that can get a working – holidays visa (Belgium, Canada, the Republic of Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong SAR, the Republic of Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan and the United Kingdom.) Do not lose the opportunity and do it before you turn 30. But if you really want to do a living, the cost of relocating and living in Australia are very high and you might not enjoy.  Still, do not miss the opportunity to visit this awesome country as a traveler! (never as a tourist, you know my opinion!)

Thinking about going to Australia?


Ruboncio said...
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Ruboncio said...

Then I would like to know why all the Australian that I have met they do not want to go back there..
Technology being release 6 month after in the rest of the world.
0 contact with the rest of the world. (isolated)
And even the government, it sounds weird but they are doing surveillance on the internet/network..
So yes, might be one of the best places to live (with money as everywhere) and as a tourist with gorgeous animals, landscapes and so on but the true is as a normal citizen I did not heard so many good things about it.

Agness said...

Babe, how about Poland? Do you have any ideas? Spanish people are so lucky to be able to enter Australia without any visa. Me and Cez are considering another option (as you know going for cruises is our priority) to go and study in Australia but we are afraid there might be too many visa problems and it's way too expensive for us. I will send you an e-mail with some questions later on. :) Great post, very informative!

Noelfy said...

Well, Ruboncio, no idea with aussies had you meet before, but honestly, this is a lovely country with plenty of things to do and citizen are really proud to be Australian and live here, however they all want to explore the rest of the world and eventually leave there for a while...
I agree with the technology...Also internet is very expensive here, also in NZ...
But sorry, they are not isolated...There is several flight to everywhere in Pacific/Polynesia and connections to South East Asia (Singapore-Darwin 100€)

Noelfy said...

hi Agness!
honestly, I have no ideas about Polish citizen...
I don't think it will be a problem to apply for a student visa (and you can apply as a couple so only one of you need to attend the course)
Definitely there you won't be able to survive for 25$ a day...I would say 250$ nearly ;)
I am waiting for your email!

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