Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Crossing the Border from Malaysia to Brunei

From Malaysia to Brunei
I bought a ticket for the ferry Kota Kinabalu - Labuan, 2 hours stay over and Labuan - Brunei. Price was 60 RM with 3,60RM of terminal fee. Once you enter in Labuan port you will have to scan your bag and face Immigration. Exit the ferry terminal (there is free internet there) and board the ferry.

Schedule for the ferry to Labuan - Brunei

Labuan port
In Brunei, 3 Immigration officers will be granting your access to the country. Very quick and easy, just fill up the entry card. You will be given 90 days in the country. There is also wifi at Brunei Port.

Arriving into Brunei country

From Brunei to Malaysia

The bus to Miri was full. We didn't know where to seat.

Bus from Bangar Seri Begawan to Miri in Malaysia.
This border I crossed by bus direction to Miri. Bus costs 18B$. Once you exit Kuala Belait, the last town in Brunei, the bus will stop and you will be asked to exit with your passport. That day the immigration officer were so relaxed that half of them were having lunch on the lobby. Then board the bus again, but only for 200m. Once again, grab your passport and say hello to the fruit paradise. Yes, you are back into Malaysia!
Both borders are very easy to cross and no question or onward travel plans were asked. Malaysian Immigration officer were very competent both time, using empty spaces in my passport instead of ruining brand new pages. Again, 90 days were granted at Malaysia border.

Differences between thoughtful Malaysian Immigration officer and American.
Have you ever had any remarkable experience with Immigration abroad?
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