Monday, March 18, 2013

Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore airport claims itself to be one of the best airports of the world. Last time, when flying from Kuching to Singapore with Tiger Airlines, I didn’t have the chance to see anything, as my flight got 2 hours and a half delay and I have to run to get my boarding pass, they charged me 20S$ to get it (when it was the company fault because the delay ) if not, I have to exit the country through immigration, pick up my baggage (I have none checked baggage I travel with 9kg backpack only)and I got really pissed off. You can read the full story here but be prepare to read me in my very worse mood.

Free tours at Singapore Changi Airport

This time, I was supposed to land at 5pm on the flight arriving from Auckland, after a 11 hours flight in which I nap only 20 minutes due to the amount of children crying and making noises. I was very excited when I discovered that there are free tours available for those transit passengers who have more than 5 hours stay over in Singapore Changi Airport. I could join the night tour and observe Singapore and Marina Bay at night. I just need to sign on for the tour one hour before. But, as usually, my flight got delay and by the time when landed, the last tour departed. In that moment I felt sick from the previous flight, tired and jet-lagged due to the +6 hours difference that my body was carrying. 

Free Napping areas

I discovered also from the airport website that this airport was awarded by the passenger as the best airport to sleep. A few transit hotel which prices ranges from 30S$for 3 hours nap (+8$ surcharge for any extra hour) or other 41,20$ for a block of 6 hours (+13,80$ every extra hours). I decided that the transit hotel at terminal 1 & 2 offered the best value for my money so I went to check in with them. Yes, I am tired to sleep at the airport and my back is asking me to please sleep in a proper bed sometimes…I must be getting old.

When I arrived to the airport hotel, the lovely ladies and the reception advised me that the price is wrong and the real price is 47,20$...I doubted that a daily actualized website could be wrong, but I don’t like when the prices suddenly increase. My back and me decided to try the free napping area located at terminal 2,3rd floor.

It was quite comfortable and I felt asleep instantly until I was suddenly waked up by the cold A/C. I put 5 t-shirts, 2 trousers and one dress one (basically all my clothes) and still shaking under my sarong. I decided to move on and find a warmer place to sleep.

At Changi airport there are information desks everywhere, so I asked for a warmer free napping area and I received a complementary new purple blanket courtesy of Changi Airport…Hmm, I am starting to like this airport. 

Art @ Changi Airport
My stomach was asking me for refueling as well and I started to look for food. As I was in a healthy diet in New Zealand, I decided to carry on. However, when I asked for salty veggies or vegetable soup, the Singaporeans seems not to understand. Ok, l keep moving around, it’s nearly 10:00pm and I reckon that most of the places will start to close. Apparently, only the fancy restaurant serving real Singaporean food are closing at 11pm (last food order at 10:30pm). Most of the restaurant at the airport will close at 1am. Also, in every terminal, there is 24 hours food court, all terminals seems to have the same restaurants: McDonalds, Starbucks, Subway, Indian food, Turkish food and a few Chinese stalls. I chose a veggie wrap from Subway and the most delicious lassi I ever had from the Indian Stall. Fortunately, the food prices at Changi Airport are reasonable affordable, my dinner cost me 6,20+3,50 9,70S$ and you can find places to have a Chinese menu for 6$ or a full set of breakfast for 4,50$ including 2 toast, eggs, cup of tea or coffee…

Most of the shops remain open through the night, however my body was asking me for another nap. Armed with my new fancy blanket, I go to Terminal 2 E11 Gate where a dark a quiet free resting area was waiting for me. I locked all my belonging but still waking up every hour to check that everything was still on place.

One of the biggest attractions of Changi is the Garden Trail spread around the 3 terminal of the airports. All the terminals are well connected with a shuttle train running all night long.

Get the brochure and start haunting gardens!

After 26 hours since I left Auckland, my body (and the rest of the passengers) were asking me for a shower, so I chose the Rainforest lounge and for 8,52S$ I got a towel, a toiletries set with toothbrush and obviously my hot shower. A complimentary hot drink was included in the package, but when you enter in the buffet, no one will ask you for any receipt! Yoohoo! Free breakfast and take away lunch for the plane.

After another lassi for breakfast, I went to visit the Butterfly Garden and other gardens around the airport. There is also free massage chairs and water refilling stations everywhere! One of the things I most like from the airport, is that the toilet are big enough to fit your trolley inside! I don’t need to be locked in a micro tiny toilet with my belonging risking to fall down and get disgusting wet, the toilet is big enough to fit the full big trolley!
Don't worry about your belongings, keep them inside with you!
Recycling bins are very cool at Changi's airport

Definitely, a very cool airport!

Have you ever flown into Changi Airport?


bingjian said...

Wah...I don know that the changi airport was that cool....haha

Noelfy said...

It is, actually! Have a look when you fly out from there!! Only a cool city as Singapore cool have such a cool airport!:D

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