Friday, March 22, 2013

The Big Blog Exchange!

The Big Blog Exchange- What's that and why should I win?

It’s not a surprise for anyone that I love the challenges. My life is a complete one. And one part of the challenges is to win a contest. 
Will I meet someone famous like Pau Gasol and Juan Carlos Navarro? Who knows!

I read about The Big Blog Exchange contest and I though it was very interesting. Exchanging my life with another contestant with all expenses paid? What does it exactly mean?

If I am one of the 16 selected, I might exchange my life for 10 days with someone travelling in the Amazonas, or doing a volunteer program in Ethiopia, or traveling in Central Asia… Does it not sound exciting enough? One you exchange your life with another blogger, you will have to document and blog from that country. Too god to be true!

No idea where I am going, but for sure it is going to be a culinary trip!

14 of the contest will be elected by readers’ vote (2 another passionate will be elected by the organizer team). I am not that bad positioning, around 140 in the rank (out of 700 contestant). But still, it is not enough to be in the Top 14. That’s why I wrote this post to kindly ask for your vote. What you need to do is simply vote with your email address and enter into your inbox and confirm your vote. The organization of the contest promise that the email address won’t be given to third parties.

It will take you only 2 minutes of your time and for me it could be a lifetime experience! Please vote and share this post with your friends!!

Thanks everyone!

Are you taking part in any interesting trip? Let me know if you need help!
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