Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Is It Happening Still? Cockfighting in the Philippines

Cockfighting is still a sad reality in the Philippines, as the bullfighting in Spain. Hopefully one day the “human being” will stop to call culture and tradition to kill animals just for fun.

This cock has a nasty look

During my first 2 visits in the Philippines, I didn’t have any contact with cockfighting and I nearly forgot about it (maybe because I was visiting many touristic places or because I was living in a huge city as Olongapo) but in my 3rd trip and being based in El Nido during the barrio fiesta, I could presence like the “cock derby” was full every day and the price of the entrance fee increase (from free to 50php) until the last tournament (300php the entry fee!! WTF?? This is the 6 days salary of an average Filipino province worker).

Some locals bringing the cocks on the bus

I entered during one of the first days and fortunately for me, the fight was over, one of the “zombies” cocks jumps over the other, we can hear a dead shout in the derby…And then revolution, many Filipinos jump on the square, I can’t understand what it is going on. One of the cocks is brought to “First Aid”, the other is just dumped on the grass. They try to reconstruct the leg, unfortunately the “winner” also dies in front of me…

First aid...The cock did not survive...

After losing, the animal was just dumped to the grass as it would be garbage.

The next contestant, waiting to die.
“Happy” victory for some, lose for other, I start to see huge amounts of money going around. I feel sick of all of this game and I want to scape of the derby area. I notice a group of uninterested women seated on a corner selling mami and lomi soup. Then it is when I notice I was the only woman, foreigner and traveler, watching the game. No women on the stadium.

Also in Puerto Princesa.

An empty stadium

Sorry guys, as much as sometimes I believe I think and feel as a man and I don’t understand the weakness of the women, you are the only one that crazily follow this stupid sport (in my country the soccer is the major sport and for me it’s disgusting to see the men getting confronted about which team is better, Madrid or Barcelona when they are both crap and it’s only politics….When I am asked during my trips which team I support, my answer is always the same:" I am a woman! I am too busy to watch 11 men running after a ball!" But I should leave this for another post and once I came back to my country, review what’s going on there in our mentality and how we are turning in one of the poorest countries in Europe from night to day)

Hopefully one day we can have this “customs” to be reviewed in the History books and our grandchildren will be scared when we will tell them that in the old times, people used to have fun bullfighting or cockfighting.

Have you ever been in a cockfighting derby? Which one are you feelings? Especially if you are Filipino, I want to hear about it!


Mustachio said...

Cockfighting exists because of easy money from gambling. End gambling and this tradition would perish. Sadly, gambling is rampant even though there are laws prohibiting it.

Noelfy said...

Yes, same as prostitution. Officially illegal but it won't be easy to end...:(

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