Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Eating & drinking in Almaty

I read very often that food in Central Asia was a disaster and probably not the reason you will remember your trip. In my opinion, this is absolutely wrong. I am quite easy to please food wise, but I found the food here delicious. Sour cream and fresh homemade ingredients are widely use and you can feel the quality of the product.

Doner Kebabs are found everywhere for approximately 350tг. The local snack is the camca /samsa/, some kind of Central Asian samosa with steamed chicken or beef and onions and several spices. I particularly like the chicken one. But the most popular snack without doubt are "almas" (apples) very big and tasty. Originally the legend says that Almaty valley produced apple weighing 1kg! Apple are sold by kilo costing between 100-250 tг. Another popular fruit is the persimmon, where a tasty kilo of them will set you off 300 tг.

Samsas! I need them right now!

In this country, where the majority of the population is Muslim, the meat is halal. And you can feel as meat still taste as meat, not hormone cows as in Western countries. Cows and chicken here live a peacefully life and are grow up in the mountains

Чaй  /chai/ tea is more popular here than coffee, that you can find only the powder nescaffe. With Vodka costing 350t for 75ml, you can imagine which one is the favourite drink. A bottle of water will cost you around 120 tг (1,5l) or 189 tг (5l).

Let's make Bloody Mary!
In Almaty you will find groceries shops (Maгaсин/magasin/) nearly in every corner.  If you need to buy fruit, vegetable, shoes or top-up your phone, go to the Green market. Prices there are very convenient but meat is frozen and might not look very hygienic. If what you are looking is a Western Style country grocery, then visit the supermarket Green by Paйыmбek бatыpa (if I am not wrong) and expect to pay Western prices too. If what you are really craving is Western imported food, go to Interfood, by Pavilion Park, where international brands are sold.

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