Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My trip is over...Really?

When I leave my home in London in October 2012, I didn't have many plans or ideas about where I was heading. I knew I had a visa in my passport (which it took many effort to get) and a plane ticket which says Almaty, Kazakhstan, after a layover in Kiev, Ukraine. After a few days in the mountains in Almaty (though I found the city pretty interesting too) I was going to cross a painful border and arrive to another unknown country, Kyrgyzstan.

Walking around Almaty with the lovely Kazakh Alua from CS.
Horse Trekking in Bokombaev, Kyrgyzstan.

After 2 weeks exploring the Kyrgyz culture, I was ready for another cultural shock: Hong Kong, a city that was only one week stop-over for me ended up to be the door of my rising interest for Chinese culture and language.

At Man On Temple in Hong Kong

Ah, but I was supposed to go back to the Philippines, right? Yes, I was there for 3 weeks, then I went back to Hong Kong to work for a while. Everything has an end and things happen for a reason! Back to the full time traveller life. Going to New Zealand, but after passing through Malaysia, Brunei and Australia.

Beautiful flowers in the Philippines

I didn't expect that I will feel in love with Malaysia that much. Brunei short but sweet. Australia was only an introductory; I promise I will come back for more. Auckland and the north island in summer were greeting me for some fishing, cave exploring, swimming and exercise.

Playing as a child in the Harbour of Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

            In Sultan Ali Saiduddin Mosque in Brunei

Some crazy drunk Aussie girls in the train from Gold Coast to Brisbane

New Zealand is full of exciting sports. Doing rock climbing in Auckland.

Hong Kong for the 3rd time…I venture myself to China for a while, after going to the Philippines…here I am right now. I will have to exit the country by the 3rd of May (my visa expires and I refuse to spend 7000php for another visa extension).

Finally Noelfy steps in China!

As lately, my route is decided by the airlines (I doesn't matter for me, the cheapest the ticket is I will go, as anyway I want to go anywhere! It pays to have flexibility when living in a constant travel).

I will fly out to Singapore but I will run to my Malaysia to enjoy. It will be my birthday, and why not spending in my favorite country? Especially in a cultural city as Melaka.

You might be wondering: Where after?

After being for that long traveling, my brain needs a break (or as I say, I need vacation) from sleeping every night in a different bed, having the toiletries constantly exploding over my toothbrush without a permanent place, wearing the same clothes, owning only 2 pairs of slippers, eating food which I haven’t cook myself and especially traveling, meeting so many people, taking so millions of photos, visiting so many important places and without time to sit down properly and relax.

Definitely I love my life!

Yes, I do need a vacation! I need to go back home! So I will go back home to London on the 18th of May, after spending a few days on Singapore. I already have the ticket. Home sweet home! There I go!
However the trip is not over…I might go back to Europe, but still many things to visit before this year finished. I will stay only 2 weeks in London, then heading to Barcelona for a while.

You know what? After being in +60 countries, I don’t know much about my own country (I guess like everyone!) so this year I am planning to get to know more about my country. Visiting north Spain. And I think the best way to do it is by doing the Santiago’s Path from Barcelona to Santiago de Compostela probably by bike (if someone is on my route and want to meet, drop me a line by private!)

Discovering El Nido, Philippines

Back home in Almeria in July/August… And then planning to visit the Canary Islands (how come I had been in so many islands in Philippines, Caribbean but I don’t know my own islands?), Morocco ( a country which a have not good experience but I have to break the prejudice, especially if traveling with a good company (yes, this trip won’t be solo! I need someone to take photos of me!:P) and hopefully also Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Rumania soon…

Life is full of opportunities! What will it happen at the end?

Thanks everyone for your support! Don't worry, still many post coming soon!!


Akihabara Princess said...

omg!You´re planning to do the Santiago path?I live in Pontevedra, so maybe we can meet up, or you can stay in at my house if you need a place :D

Talk to you later ;)

Agness Walewinder said...

Babe, I love your travel spirit - "I didn't know where to go and what to do but I kept walking!" I also feel so shamed of not knowing much about my own country. Hope you will enjoy your travels in Northern part of Spain! Good luck and besos!

Noelfy said...

Thanks a lot Martina! A part from doing Santiago's path, I want to go to Vigo to visit some friends! So I will keep you posted! ;)

Noelfy said...

Agness, I always say: The Jorney is the destination.
And I want to go anywhere!

hopefully this year I can feel more proud of the knowledge in my country! And hopefully visit Poland more, I've just been in Poznan!

AntonioGM said...

Si quieres hacer la costa norte FEVE (ahora forma parte de RENFE desde 2013) tiene el FEVERail. Es un pase de 85 € por un mes para toda la red de Feve (básicamente Bilbao-Ferrol). Ellos tienen un tren-crucero llamado Transcantabrico, que cuesta un riñón y con este billete te lo haces a tu bola.


Noelfy said...

¡Que buena información Antonio! lo miraré!

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