Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tubbataha, one of the best diving places of the world

Only pro-divers might be aware about Tubbataha, the best diving place in Philippines and the 9th in the world!

Recently discover, it is located in the Sulu Sea, at 12 hours away from Puerto Princesa, Palawan. The only way to reach this amazing diving place is by live-aboard. Several live aboard operators offer you 3-4 dives a day, plus food and accommodation for around 1600US$ a week.

In Tubbataha, you can find big animals as sharks, mantas, turtles, dolphins and many macro and tropical fishes. Do not forget that you will have to pay a Tubbataha conservation fee of 3000PHP in order to get your permit to visit the reefs.

Swimming with dolphins!


If you are a dive master, working in Tubbataha on board of any of the live aboard is one of the most rewarding options. The dive master salary is 500€ basic salary per month +1500php a day. If you are working less than a month, then the salary will be 2000php daily. Expect also generous tips from the costumers. And of course, you will be diving in one of the best diving spots of the world! For more information about Tubbataha, check with the dive instructor Dohna in her website.


Madohna san pedro said...


You are the best and Professional Traveller!! Thank you for making a blog in my Country and sharing your time and moments to me...I love you a lot and you will be forever my Love....TAke care wherever the winds blows you ...LOve you a lot :D

Mustachio said...

Did you dive in Tubbataha?

Noelfy said...

Madohna! thanks for your comments!It is a pleasure to blog from the Philippines!! Love you too!

@Mustachio: I didn't, inconvenient happened. I will tell you about on Friday ;)

Agness Walewinder said...

Wow, this is a wonderful place for diving. Love the colour of the water and the sea-life. Hope to make it there one day :)

Noelfy said...

Of course my dear!!! By the way you roll, you will be able to see this and thousands of places more, before 50 ;)

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