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15 Concerns of XXI Century Western Woman

As the describing sentence of my blog says, this is not only a travel blog. I speak 95% about travels because this is what I do and I pretend to do all my life. But a part from traveling, there are many other subjects that interest me as a peaceful world with a clean and safe environment or human rights.

Recently I had been exchanging emails with one friend of mine from Afghanistan. As the general vision that the some Muslim men are trying to transmit their women is that the Western girls are actually very sad and unhappy with their life, we are constantly being raped, abused by male co-worker, aborting every day and another hilarious comments that I refuse to publish in my personal space, as they are so man-made lies and I don’t want that to be shown on my blog (however, if someone is interested to read the “study” about what our Muslim “brothers” think about us, just dropped me an email (see contact tag) and I would forward to you. But promise me that you will read it being seated or you will fall down laughing))

But I don’t want to talk about religion or politics. Everyone is free to think what they want! (except them!) but I want to let them know, that if someone what to speak about the problems that concern a western woman, they should definitely ask a western woman!  Ask me, don't speak for us.

So here you have my personal selection of 15 Concerns of Western Women on the XXI Century. There are not in order whatsoever, every person will have their own preferences. If you want to add some, please read carefully the comments section.

15 Concerns of a XXI Western Woman

1.-Chauvinism: Also called machismo, it is something more likely to happen in Mediterranean countries rather than North America or Scandinavian countries. Western women might receive less salary than male co-worker for the same amount of hours and work. Or get fired if she dare to get pregnant. Fortunately there are many equally laws nowadays trying to avoid this.

We are not more or less than men, we just EQUAL!
2.-Career: Women get high scores in social subject while the men score in sciences. Depending what you choose, you will prefer to work in whatever you choose to study but we are always concern with the opportunities and the jealousy of chauvinist men. 

3.- Corruption: XXI century works with “having friend in high places” and sometimes, even if you are very prepared, you won’t get any position if you don’t have influences in certain areas. But this is also a concern for men, not only for women. To see another tremendous case of corruption in my own city, read this post.

4.- Family: We respect our parents, and depending of your personality, you might get along better with your mum or your dad. Since you are a child, you enjoy freedom and love from them. Some parents are more strict in the way they educate their children, but at least is equally and no one will force their daughter to get married to someone they don't love.  Having children as a single mother or not represent one of the biggest decisions of her life (especially if she has not find the right partner before getting to the 40’s).

5.- Love: We do love our boyfriends, partners and husbands. We love to receive a text from them, meeting them for dinner, going on vacation together, sleep besides them. We are aware that they can cheat on us too. But they are aware that, if they do so, they will lose us forever. Western Woman scores her love life very high, sometimes even before jobs or careers.

6.-Health: Western Women are very sensitive and always concern about everyone’s health, especially their own! Diseases as cancers are Top 10. Fortunately most of the western women know how to take care of themselves in order to avoid getting STD.
It's hard to be sick, but more pleasant if you have someone who loves you besides you.

7.- Environment: The Western Woman is even more concern than the equivalent men and more likely to re-use and recycle plastic, cans and paper and even to create an organic compost if she has a garden to use it.

8.- Pollution: This is one of the biggest problem on the metropolis and it could be really harmful. We still don’t arrive to the level of the Asia metropolis, but still is a big concern, especially for us, the women, than we take that much care of our health.

9.-Transport: Men and women of XXI century are everyday more concern about environmental friendly transports and less likely to use the cars and spend money in petrol. Bike is one of the preferred transport for short and medium distant in the city. We save money, keep fit, easy to parking! Come on, girls! Get out the bike and ride!

The best and quickest transport in the city
10.-Animal torture: We love animals and we don’t want to see them suffering just to create a new cosmetic. That’s why we choose natural products that have not been tested in animals. Another ways of cruelty as bullfighting, cockfighting, hunting or killing animals for not strictly aliments, it will produce a huge reject on us.

"No one will use my puppy for anything apart from petting and love!"

11.- Criminality: As this “Muslim study” before mentioned, we are worried about our safety (but not because we got raped every day!!). We are just aware about the dangers in this world, and we want to keep safe our belonging, but especially our person!

12.-Poverty in the world: Still nowadays, women suffer by watching the images or poor African/South American/Asian children starving, especially if the woman has already their own children has even more empathy. Sometimes you don't need to go that far to see poverty, we also have homeless people among us!

13.- Body obsession: TV and media harass the Western Woman self-esteem and she might see herself  as “too fat”, “too slim”, “too short”, “too tall”, “Small breast”, “big ass”. Winkles, cellulite, orange skin and a no plain stomach are also big complex. All these problems have somehow an explanation or reason reading the next point.
You are perfect as you are, you don't need to compare with anyone else!

14.- Public opinion: Western Women are always worried about other people opinion, even if they don’t know them. She might face daily comments as “You are 32, when are you planning to get married?” ”You won’t be able to get pregnant if you reach 40”.

15.-Future: Yes, we do care about the future because the future is ours!! We do care about what is going to happen with our planet, our children and ourselves when we grow old and we don't tolerate no one to tell us how to behave, what to eat, what to wear and who to pray!
"THE FUTURE IS OURS" (together, men and women!)

These are, under my opinion, concern that might worry a mentally healthy young western woman nowadays (that doesn’t mean that all of them affect me, but I know other women that they do). 

About comments:
Dear female readers: If you are a Western Woman that grown up in a western country and share some of the concerns above mentioned, please take 2 minutes of your valuable time to comment down and let us know.  You might not realize, but every little count and we might even be able to change the world if we stick together!! Let’s show our “Muslim brothers” that we are not prostitutes, but free open mind ladies that work very hard every day and we follow to fulfill our dreams. That we are full of worries as the above mentioned, but a part from that we live a healthy and happily life and we are proud of being able to choose our men and share cost 50%. We are not sexually slaves of anyone. If they don’t want to share this with our “Muslim sisters” to keep brainwashing and manipulating them, it’s their call. At least there is written evidence.

If you agree/disagree or want to add more, please feel free. If you are also a blogger and you think you have a link related with any of the concerns or just want to share your work on the blog, do not forget to insert the link in the comments.

Guys, you are also allowed to comments and promote your blog if you think you wrote a post related, but please keep it professional, I don’t want to read any religious or personal offense against anyone and the comment will delete as soon as I notice.
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