Monday, May 20, 2013

How to Travel from Cebu to Bohol

If you are traveling in the Visayans  you will end up arriving to Cebu airport. Though this city is not probably the dream destination of anyone, just the merely mention of Cebu wakes up the magic on everyone. However, it is not Cebu city the place you would like to be and the city is just a little bit less chaotic than Manila.
Tagbilaran harbour

If you are flying to Cebu, you will be actually landing at Mactan Island. There is a lot of mafia there and the only way to get there is by taxi (try to get a metered taxi at least). If you are traveling to another destination in Cebu Island, there are 2 bus stops; north and south terminal. If you are going to Maya- Malapascua, then go to the north. For Malboal, go to the south.

Long lines at the ticket boot

If you are traveling by ferry to any destination in the Visayan, Mindanao o Manila, then go to the port. Be careful, as usually, people are not very useful there in order to buy the ticket and the touts might lie to you and tell you that there no more boats going to your destination just to make you buy the ticket with their company. If you are going to Bohol, there are 2 possible destinations: Tagbilaran, the capital and Tubigon, the first port right in the front of Cebu. Two different classes of boats go to Tagbilaran: slow boat (4 hours, 210php) or fast ferry (520php, 2 hours. Return ticket 640 if bough in advance of at least 1 day)). But if you are on a budget, have in consideration that there are only 2 slow boats a day departing from Cebu: at 12noon and 10pm. Fast ferries there are several a day. But do not expect any fancy service there and it is not very different from the jeepney. They will try to take your bags and put them on the cargo. I just refuse it and carry with me. No wifi but it is only 2 hours! Enjoy the ride!
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