Saturday, May 4, 2013

I am turning 27!


This was always my favorite number…The combination of my two favorite numbers: 2 and 7.

25 was a malefic year in which I was trying to scape from a horrible contract in the cruise ship. Helping my brother to set up in London… No time for me, to do what I really love…

But 26 was different! I was ready to assume responsibilities and my job for the Olympic Games of London was really interesting and I learn a lot…Anyway, I was ready to go again! Is there any better way to spend my 26 than traveling? I went to 12 different countries during 8 months…And this birthday I am spending in Malaysia! Too good to be true!

This year I don’t feel like enumerating what had happened month by month. I started this blog in August so you have about 9 post per month minimum to find it out :)

I can’t wait to discover what it’s going to happen during this 27! Well, I have 365 days for that!

Some photos of the past to make you laugh:

Turning 18. The gentlemen besides me is my younger brother (notice that I have to cute his hairstyle:P)

Turning 22! Everything can be a birthday cake with just a little imagination! In the photo, Cris from Salero Iberico.

Celebrating my 21st birthday in Germany. Everything can be a candle to blow, too.

Eichstätt, 2007. So many surprises and fun!

Spending my 24th birthday on board. Did I say on board? No way! I am running outside to visit Split, Croatia!

Celebrating my 25th on board. This time, we were crossing the Panama canal, no chances to go outside!

My 25th birthday with a lovely view of Panama City as a background.

My lovely cabin mate decorate the cabin for me! Thanks Debbie!


Mustachio said...

Happy birthday Noelfy!

Noelfy said...

Salamat! :)

Akihabara Princess said...

Happy happy happy birthday!!!

I loved all the pictures,hope you have a great day, best wishes for you cutie!!! :D

Noelfy said...

Muchisimas gracias Princesa! hope to see you this summer!

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