Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kalui Restaurant in Puerto Princesa

For those who know me already, I am not a restaurant person. I don’t eat in fashionable place and I like more food courts or street food or markets, if I am unable to cook my own food.

However, if you go to Puerto Princesa, a visit to Kalui is compulsory. It is located in the road to the airport. Forget that you are in a common average city and teleport to Bali and live the dream. This barefoot restaurant owned by a stylist Filipino from Bicol serves one of the most delicious food I ever tried. The menu is very simple and only fish dishes (no meat). The decoration is fresh and sophisticated (even using fresh fruit to decorate, which I love)

You will get a complimentary soup and a dessert ( a young coconut filled with delicious tropical fruit).

My favorite dish, Kinilaw and buko juice.

Where else in the Philippines you will get something for free? The prices are also very reasonable, with dishes starting from 175php and the starters are good to be eating as a main meal. I love their kinilaw, done with ginger and vinegar (though I would love it more if done with coconut milk as the one the do in Bohol).

Definitely, a place not to be missed!

Four seasons shake

The veggie combo

Super nice dessert, fresh fruit with coconut sugar....So delicious


Mustachio said...

Lucky you! My friends and I weren't able to try Kalui when we were in PP, when we went during lunch to make a reservation for dinner... the reservations were already full! Booo :-(

Noelfy said...

Yeah!! I never make a reservation, so I was rejected once! But all the other times I always managed to get a table, at least on the garden :D

Sheryl Revil said...

Hi Noelfy,

I agree, I love Kalui. I went to Puerto Princesa back in 2007 and can only remember the great seafood and one of their best restaurants - Kalui.


Noelfy said...

Thanks for you comment Sheryl! You have a lovely food blog! I can't find the follow widget to follow you back! :(

Sheryl Revil said...

Thank you! :) i have just added that widget... xoxo

Noelfy said...

Done! ;)

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