Thursday, June 13, 2013

18 Colourful photos about the Botanic Ganders in Singapore

One of the best attraction of Singapore, especially if you are on a budget, is visiting the Botanic Gardens. Get away completely from the cosmopolitan city and enjoy with the different smells and the flowers of the park. The entrance is free, perfect for limited budget travelers, but if you want to visit the National Orchid Garden you will have to pay 5S$. You will need more than a full day if you want to visit all the gardens. There is many photo opportunities here! Get your camera ready!

Someone is preparing the wedding photos!

What is that? Some Buddhist monks also enjoying the park?

The monks and a terrapin happily swimming in the lake

This part of the garden is upon payment

Beautiful flowers everywhere

I had to put my nose everywhere to check the smells.

Have fun by finding the wooden animals in the garden


Sheryl Revil said...

Lovely pictures! xx

Noelfy said...

Thanks Sheryl!!!x

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