Monday, June 24, 2013

Buying and renting properties in Manila

Buying properties in Manila can be tricky. You have to partner with a Filipino citizen and give him/her the half of the ownership of the house/business. Even if the prices look very low comparing to the Western standards, you still have to gift the half of your property to someone else. This doesn't happen when you buy one unit or an apartment in a building (the shared ownership applies for businesses and land property).

So if you are going to be based in the Philippines for a while, a good idea could be buying your own unit. Today we will focus in Manila. There are many residences estates in Metro Manila as Alabang, Taguig, and Makati.

I was very lucky to have one of my cruise ship friends that just bought a property in Acacia States, Taguig City, Manila. I would to show you how the life looks like when living in this dream complex.

Quality of the building
All these properties are constructed in less than 5 years with the best of the materials.

The quality of the pictures does not make justice to the beauty of this kitchen.

They are located in closed estates, mostly surrounded by residential areas and never more than 10 minutes from a shopping mall.

They have security 24/7. One of the biggest obsessions of Filipinos is about security and there are several checkpoints before you reach your home. If you call a taxi, your taxi driver license will checked and register and only reliable taxis are allowed in the condo area.

Main entrance lobby, from where they will call a taxi for you.

Children can play happily. There are school buses bringing them there.

If they call you a Taxi, the license and the plate will be registered.

Several pools, kids pool, gym, Jacuzzi, ballet room, community room, bar and a convenience store with ATM are usually close by.
Children playground.

Kids pool in the background

One of the adults' pool.
It's easy to feel like a model here!

Public Transport          
Most of the owners have a private transport (car) or use taxi (very cheap in the Philippines, with fares starting of 40 pesos (0,82US$). If you walk a few miles, jeepneys will start to show up on you way.

For around 2 million, you could be the happy owner of a 2 bed-rooms apartment (you will still have to set off the rest of the payment, but you have 5 years to do so).

Not a bad office to keep blogging, right?
"If you can't find inspiration here, you can't find it anywhere"

Rental starts from 27.000php (600US$) for long term contract (for than a year). Internet and cable TV are included. Tenant will be responsible for paying water and electricity utilities.

If you are interested to visit the one showed in the pictures, drop me an email in the contact section! Don’t miss the opportunity!

Have you ever thought about buying properties or setting up a business in the Philippines? I have a good knowledge about the market, just send me an email without compromise!
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