Sunday, June 30, 2013

Photography Art Work

My first shoots, David Montes,2004, Almeria
This is what happened when you gather two talented teenagers! I was just 17 and my friend 15 but already developing our skills. Thanks, David!

Tarzan Studio,David Montes, 2006, Almeria
2 years later,  I was 19 and I have a car available and a driving license and we can drive around the city of Almeria to find the best photo spots. The lighthouse and the salty mountains by the harbor, the beach of Costacabana by the University, and the Cable ingles and the whale. As you can see, the talent of my friend is developing also with the year and arriving to very professional levels. After 7 years, some of these photos still look very fresh and I keep using for my daily social networking…because I haven’t change that much, have I?

Almeria Alcazaba background

Will I know in that moment I will be sailing one big ship later in the future? 

This should be popular enough

Trying to find my way


Finding shells

Life is Great Images, 2009, Budapest
A real professional photographer interested to shoot TFP with me during his European trip? Yes, sure! These are only a few sample pictures as they involve mild nudeness. The shoot develop around the story of a girl getting excited because her lover is coming, but he never shows up. Depression is taking over. Also some shadows with my silhouette.

Leslie Lausch, 2009, Budapest
Other of my good friends, also a talented photographer. I would say that the picture with the fan is one of my favorites.

Leslie has a great eye! He catched me when I was just chilling in front of the fan!

Vero, 2010, U.S Virgin Island, Caneel Bay, US
The right background (The Caribbean!) and my friend Vero ready with the camera:)

Malapascua,Joshua Merced, 2013, Philippines
With such a background, how it is possible not to take some pictures?  Whatever I do, it will look great! Thanks Joshua for being ready with your camera!

Although I have never had any intention to become a professional model, I love photography and I am very confident with my body. I don’t mind to get naked if there is a good cause (like London World Naked Bike Ride 2012 and 2013). I do believe that our body is the most powerful weapon that we own. Son when my friends asked me to pose for them (or I asked them to take pictures from me) the result is what you see above. Thanks to everyone who took the photos!

Note: Even if some the pictures are watermarked with my branded watermark, the rights belong to photographer and myself. No reproduction is allowed without our permission. For further inquires, check here.
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