Saturday, June 22, 2013

My nominees for Best Blog 2013

This will be a very short post (don't get use though) but I want to answer back my fellow blogger Mateo of Galipón, un gallego en Japón (Blog is mostly in Spanish, but he is translating many information in English and Galician from his facebook website) from his nomination last March to Noelimits (In that time, I was stuck in El Nido with prehistorical internet connection). Together with another bloggers, we were awarded with a mention to make other bloggers to be more aware about our favourites blogs and give a possibility to new blogs to be more popular.

Blogs that I follow?? Too many and it will be hard to choose only a few. But some of the blogs I had been following recently (and even meeting some of the bloggers personally during my trips!) are:

Mustachio Ventures: Mustachio, who I had the pleasure to meet in Cebu (he wrote about that in this post).Blogging about South East Asia and especially Philippines (home). He loves to discover funny shop names and writes all the prices down everything carefully to control the budget.

Roaming the World: Lauren started her blog when she went into a solo trip in Africa for 9 months. Blogging recently about Spain, as she was living in Andalusia and Basque country for 2 years. Also meet saw her 2 weeks ago in London.

Little Talks: Alex is a Singaporean who I meet in Miri, blogging mostly about South- East Asia.

Salero Iberico: Modern art and complements. Because I am still a girl (even if I don't behave like that) and I don't like only traveling ;)

German Rubia Photo: Photography is one of my passions and German is a real artist from my hometown, Almeria.

eTramping: These guys from Poland are really expert in blogs and design and their blog is a delight. They mostly blog about low cost trip under 25US$ a day in Europe and South-East Asia. They also have experience working as English teacher in China and Cambodia and crossing Vietnam by bike. I meet them during my trip in China in February 2013.

Miss Mureena: She has a particular way to show her vision of the world. Also a diver! Blogging from Finland to the world! 

Bitacurry: This guys knows so much about fruits and plants that it was a pleasure to travel with him for a while. Bitacurry is his little virtual world.

Sahara Dreaming: If you think that Sahara is an empty, boring and dangerous, check with Moustafa! He went across the Sahara from Tunis to Côte d'Ivoire and took amazing pictures! Follow all the adventure in facebook

Adventures in Jay Brown Land: Jackie will delight you with her recent mother experience and her wanderlust and zest for life!

Un Paseo Para Recordar (Spanish): Tammy has a lovely way to describe Almeria and all the experiences she has from life!

My Dolce Vita: Sheryl is the blogger behind this blog, that wants to tell you the secret places to dine in Cebu.

Akihabara Princess: Especial mention for her, she is not new (her blog will be celebrating already 3 years next month) but she has a special way to bring us Japan everyday with her post!

Ok, this are my nominees for Best Blog and Versatile Blogger! What to do now? If you feel that you know some blogs or bloggers, that are starting and need a good push or that they are soooo good already that need to be recognized around the world, just create a short post to mention all of them. You don't need to describe all of them as I did (at the end, my short post, it is not that short!). Don't forget to add the picture and where your nomination came from! I was nominated by Galipón and he was nominated from the guys of "Cometé el mundo"

Thanks to everyone who I meet while blogging! Blogging will never make me rich, but I am getting to know amazing people!
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