Monday, June 3, 2013

Richmond Deer Park in London

Being in London and sunny is such a weird combination. But when it happens, a good idea is spending the day in any of the royal parks.

I had been several times in Hyde Park, Regents Park and Hampstead, so it was turn to visit Richmond.

How to get to Richmond Park
District and Overground lines link Richmond with the rest of the underground network. We made the mistake to take the underground in Liverpool Street and have to interchange a few times before getting to the district line. In the way back we learnt that the best and quickest way is taking a regional train from Waterloo that will be calling only at Clapham. And you will be paying for 1-4 zones the same (£2.70)

Inside the park, one of the main attractions is undoubtedly the beautiful deer families that roam the park freely.

Where is Bambi?
A part from that, the park is not paved a part from the main road where the cars run. It is a very wild park.

Have you visited any of the Royal Parks in London?
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