Friday, June 7, 2013

World Naked Bike Ride London 2012

Tomorrow 8th of June will happen the London World Naked Bike Ride 2013 (this is the event website for more info). This post tells you about last year, 9th of June 2012, was a sunny lovely day after weeks and weeks of non stop raining in London.
Yes, we all know that London, England and the United Kingdom are not popular because of the lovely weather. But this day was an important day and the sun shined for us.

Yes, for many people we were just a bunch of crazy naked dudes running in their bikes. For us, it was the celebration of our freedom, claim our rights as a bike riders and personally, everyone was supporting his own ideas.

My bike broke on the way to the event, but it got it fixed and arrived just a few minutes before every one departs, so I have virtually no time to get some body-painting, I have to ask someone to paint one of my favorite sentences “I love life” in my back using my eye liner.

At 3 pm the group was ready to leave! We were cycling through the most popular spots in Downtown London: Starting at Marble Arch, going down to Trafalgar Square, Big Ben and houses of Parliament  London Eye and so.

How did I feel? Well, I am super confident with myself and very proud of my body. Getting fully naked was not an issue for me. The atmosphere was quite good, everyone was super cool, mostly men of course, but apart from some depraved taking photos of the naked girls. But this was something I knew that will happen. I will always defeat the freedom of expression and our bodies are the best tool we have to get ride of complex.

Have you ever done anything like this? Did you ever take part in a pageant or protest against your limits?
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