Wednesday, June 12, 2013

World Naked Bike Ride London 2013

It is funny that after my delay posting about the World Naked Bike Ride of last year, I am posting straight away about the one of this year!
Angels of  Love

In my opinion, WNBR 2013 was a little bit more serious but with many more women than last year! I love it! Finally women start to forget all their complex and show the beauty of their bodies.

This year, in difference with the previous one, I saw many Spaniards as well. Last year I was on my own I believe.

Everyone painted a message in their back. This rider has the name of the event.
Craziness as always, going as "bare as you dare", men and women took their clothes on to make everyone aware about the "weakness" of the bike rider, who is completely "naked" against the jungle of cars that collapse our cities. Oil dependence and war were other subjects. I was also claiming the freedom of my soul, able to be naked and life without the limits imposed by other people or manipulative archaic religions that don't understand that the human being was born naked and there is absolutely no point to cover it!! (you all know by this point how focus I am in this subject lately)

Here you have the so much awaited photos! I hope you find yourself in there! Do not forget to share to post to make sure that everyone on the photos will be aware of them! (If you want a better copy of the photo without collage or watermark or you want your photo to be removed from the blog, please contact me in the email in contact section)

Pink wig was very popular


Mind the gap!

Not only humans were running. We have some other hairy riders too!

This is the guy that you have to follow, the one with the music!

What is that??? Merlin the Wizard is renting a Barclays bike and joining us?

Bike is power!

Camilla also running?

Even my Malaysian monkey Baka joined us for the ride!

You don't have a bike? No problem! Roller skates are also fine, as long as you are able to use between the bikes!

Arriving to Trafalgar Square
Not only human, also alien running!
If someone is wondering where I am this year, most of my pictures will be upload on facebook, so suscribe to my facebook page by "liking" the page!
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