Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Druid Camp in England

I had a wonderful experience in the Forest of Dean, by the border of England with Wales. I was invited to volunteer in the Druid Camp.

I was offered if I wanted to work a few hours a day in exchange for food and accommodation and you know me already, I can’t say no! to a new experience, especially lately, this year I am learning to be more in touch with nature.

The Rainbow fields are lovely decorated and you will feel like a home. “Organic toilet” are carved and wood built showers with hot water and sauna that won’t make you miss the one you have at home.

Druid camp? That sounds like magic for me. Are they still nowadays druids and witches and magician or they are only scam people? I always believe in magic and spirituality but I like to be controversial and skeptical to keep my mind open. Definitely the flow of energy was very visible, reflect in the happiness of the people attending the camp. Lovely people avid to share their knowledges for the sake of knowledge and not selling magic stuff. They all love what they are doing. And the people living in the campsite are just lovely, always willing to help and teach each other.

Weather was also amazing during the month of July in all United Kingdom, so this help to make the camp even more beautiful.

Guitars at night in the bonfire, name changing and wedding ceremony around the Celtic trunk, bread sharing, mead drinking, willow crowns...

Very focus doing my first willow and oak crown.
Workshop doing fairies.

I was read the animal tarot, the crystal and told many secrets about myself that I knew but I never hear anyone telling me. I meet my wild ego and travel with her on a white horse during a trance/hypnosis/meditation. We created a dragon with soil and plants and dance around it.

A part from the druids, lovely animals are around and I love to feed them and give them my love!

This is an experience that truly will change me within! 

Have you ever been camping or in contact with the druids?

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Franca said...

You really had an interesting experience doing all sort of things. I've never been in contact with the druids, not yet at least ;)

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