Friday, July 12, 2013

London in Summer time!

Sun and London are words that do not go together, right? Everyone is used to the grumpy weather here. However, when the sun shine in London, this can be one of the best cities in the world.

We might enjoy with only a few weeks of sun per year, so public transport have no A/C and a part from swimming pools, there are not many places to chill.

What to do in London when it is hot?

London has amazing Royal Parks distributed in all the areas. We already spoke about Richmond Park in zone 4. We don't need to go further. One of my favourite parks is Hamstead heath. You can access to the park via Hampstead Heath and Gospel oak Overground or Hampstead Northern line.

For 2GBP you can jump on the pond (if you dare!). There are female only and mix ponds(always the mix is busier).

Not this pond

And not this pond either....leave it for the ducks and swans!
This is the pond you can actually swim.
 A part from swimming or doing any sport, you can do many other activities. Flowers were blooming and blackberries will be ready in one month! Take pictures of this amazing nature we have in summer!

What is that? Is it a dward? Or the tree has grown a ...ejem... nose?

Don't forget to visit this park while in London!
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