Monday, July 15, 2013

Things You Might not Know about Singapore

Let's see if you knew this before! A few facts and figures that surprised me during my trip to Singapore:

  • Singapore has a lack of space but it is a very well planned country. It's also one of the few countries/cities/state (As San Marino and Vatican city)
Building needs to look as beautiful and original as possible as there are not many possibilities to build more.

Green spaces need also to be planned along the mass of buildings.

  • They have very high standards of hygiene because all food and goods are imported from neighbour countries (especially China, Malaysia and then US, in this order).
Happy kid enjoying white and black carrot omelets and a huge strawberry roti.

  • Singapore economy has been ranked as the most open and the less corrupted of the world (I wish I could say the same of my own country, Spain)
  • Its Agriculture corresponds to 0% of the GDP sectors. Only farming that they produce in the country are eggs, but only reaching 1/3 of the country needs.
  • Tap water is very safe and drinkable.
  • It's not allowed to chew gun and they are banned from the country. You are not even allowed to keep them in your baggage. 
  • Durians are also not allowed to be taken in the tube. I guess there is no need to specify why ;) (Thanks Katjia from Miss Mureena to remind me that)
  • Singapore is a hawker food paradise. You can get a meal for less than 5$ in any of the food courts scattered around the country. Singaporean food is a mix between Malay, Indian and Chinese, with their own touch.

If you love hawker food as much as I do, don't worry, here you can eat without being afraid of getting sick!
  • The entrance to one of the main attractions, the Botanic Gardens, is free.
  •  In such hardworking country, they don’t have an unemployment or job-seeker allowance, so if they lost their job , they have to find a job as soon as possible.
  •  Most of the money changers are inside the 7 Eleven convenient stores (only country I had seen this so far).

  • According to this study, Singaporean passport is the 8th best passport to hold, giving you visa free access to 161 countries.

  • It is one of the most expensive places in the world to own a car. They need to own a Certificate of Entitlement every 10 years with prices between 20,000 to 60,000S$ (depending of the month and other variants)

 Anything else that surprised you from your visit to Singapore?
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