Wednesday, July 3, 2013

TOBLERONE and the rise of the concience in Almeria

You won't read many things about where I come from because, honestly, I was always ashamed.

Ashamed to be part of a country where people are getting poorer everyday and seen all their rights being cut down and no one seems to do anything a part from complaining through the social networks about the politicians, the capitalist system or the other government party (Spain is a dual party system that confront PP (Popular Party) and PSOE (Spanish Social Workers Party).

Ashamed to belong to a nation that only celebrate soccer games and bullshitting (sorry!) bullfighting.

What is this Toblerone all about?

Apart from being a well-know duty-free favourite Swiss chocolate, Toblerone is an old industrial building built in 1970's for the iron mineral in the city of Almeria, south Spain. Almeria should be an amazing city of 220.000+ inhabitants, but it is home for the most lazy and ignorant people I had ever meet. We have more than 3000 sunny hours per year. However, riding a bike in Almeria is a nightmare and even if we have some groups like "Masa Critica" or "Al Pedal" promoting events, to see someone on a bike is still a rarity or you might get easily killed by a car who was just having fun of the rider. And better not talking about art, music or creativity. Youth in Almeria only seems to care about Botellón (massive drink party on the street), going to the beach and to hit the Cuatro Calles on weekends. (Or it was until this Monday!!)

Even in Kyrgyzstan, a developing Central Asian ex-soviet republic that I visited last October, one old lady on the mountains questioned me about what happens in Spain! How did we become in crisis if we were such a rich country? How can people in Kyrgyzstan be more aware about our own problems?

Spain is falling down because we are still culturally retarded!! For those who can understand Spanish language, here you can see one of my favourite videos explaining what is going on with the economy in Spain. 

But this post is not against Spain or Spanish mentality... Today I can say that I AM PROUD of Almeria people. Corrupted government policies want to destroy the Toblerone building, that even if it is old, rusty and unattended, it could be developed in a nice community building(read the point of view of one of our architects, Alicia Requena). What they are planning to build is another bunch of buildings than noone could afford to buy. But my people, this young people (and other not so young but so valuable!) I was talking about before are fighting against it, avoiding the machines to go through and organising gatherings every night to raise awareness and make more people pro-active!

Thanks for everything, platform "Salvamos el Toblerone". Even if they manage to destroy one of the Almeria symbols, you already did a big change in the image I have from Almeria citizens.

I checked in my files and unfortunately I didn't took any picture of the Toblerone. But here you can appreciate the building with some brave people defeating it.

Because it is not only the Toblerone. It's David against Goliath. The individual against the politicians. Today is the Toblerone, tomorrow will be against all this corrupt system!

Black ribbons for our Toblerone

Thanks to everyone taking part in this situation, either through the social networks or in the reality. For people far away, it is a relief! Let's raise the voice and the awareness and let all your your English friends to be advised about this horrible situation! Please share this post to whoever you think it might be interested!

Note: All the pictures in this post belongs to members of "Salvemos el Toblerone" platform. I borrowed for ilustrate the post. If any of the owner wants to get his photo removed or credited, please contact me asap.
Nota: Todas las fotografias de este post pertenecen a miembros de la plataforma "Salvemos el Toblerone". Las he tomado prestadas para ilustrar el artículo. Si alguno de los dueños de las fotos quieren que sean suprimidas o añadidos los créditos, por favor contacteme tan pronto como les sea posible.
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