Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Living in a Tropical Island

This is probably one of the dreams of the human being: to be able to live in a Tropical Island.

During my stay in Palawan, Philippines, I was living in a tropical island. I wake up in the morning with the sounds of the waves and the days are full of heat, tropical juices, beaches, hammock, mosquitoes…

It seems the paradise right? But let analyse honestly if YOU could also accept the challenge and move here for a while:

1) There is no electricity (usually only from 6pm to 6am,if you are lucky): Oh yes, this is not so important, you think. Until you start to realize how dependent we are from the electricity: No A/C or electric fan (and it is more than 40º degrees in the shadows), no fridge or cooler place to keep your food (the last ice cube melted at 8am 2 hours after the electrify stopped) which it means, you will have to have your juices with fresh water…And obviously, all electronic devices, you better fully charge them the previous night…otherwise, goodbye. Remember that the flash light is your best friend: At night and at day, as you might have a toilet without light and/or windows.

2) Coconut! Delicious when you drink them, represent a major danger when they decide to fall without previous warning!.At least, there is a legend with the durians that says they have eyes, that's the reason durians never fall over anyone! 

3)Toilet: If you are looking for a decent toilet, forget about it. Toilet here is everywhere, pure nature. (but just remember to look up for point 2). Why the way... Toilet paper? What is that?

4) Animals: They are really cute, but you will start hating them soon. Rooster singing at 4am when it is still dark (why do they do that?), dogs barking, pigs sleeping everywhere, geckos hunting…

5) For the locals, the tourist is a strange target: they are willing to spend in one day what they will be earning in one month. Convinced that our money is infinite and only because they suggest to us, we will buy, they have to try. Funny enough, we are walking ATMs for them. Not even in the paradise you will get rid of this label. Just be aware, be a traveler, not a tourist!

6) The supplies are limited. It’s not that you cannot find your favorite brand of shampoo, it is that maybe there is not shampoo at all. No complains, you are in the paradise!

7) Internet? Yes, we do have Wi-Fi. You will hear this in all accommodation places. But when you try to log in and ask why there is not connection available, then you will be remembered “There is not electricity in the island until 6pm". Or the internet works only in the morning, when everyone is out enjoying the beach or excursions…and you don’t have more battery or possibility to charge it…

In brief, living in a tropical island might be an interest experience, but only for a short time. If you are very sophisticated or your job is dependent of electricity and internet, it might not be the right place for you. You will definitely miss the city and the civilization!

Have you spend any long period living in a tropical island? Do you agree or disagree?
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