Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Free Things to Do in Singapore

Singapore is know to be one of the most expensive cities/countries of the world but only if you want to. Find here some advices about what to do if you are in a limited budget.

Free accommodation
Couchsurfing is not a place for freeloaders, we have many rules as community, but if you are a real traveller, you might want to crash in any of the fellow members couch. There is around 26,000 members in this country-state, so try your luck. Another idea that I might be trying soon is House Sitting. They guys of Suitcases Stories are pretty knowledgeable about House Sitting and you can find good posts about it in their website. Alternatively, there is cheap dormitory room in Alis Nest in Little India, 23 Roberts Lane, 15$ per bed in dormitory.

Free food
If your budget is that short that you cannot afford even 5$ for a tasty meal, in this place (Vegetarian Food Tree, The Buddhist Lodge, 17 Kim yan Road) you can eat for free, but I didn’t checked myself, so let me know if it works.

Free things to do in Singapore
Visit the Botanic Garden

One of the main attractions in Singapore and it is for free!!  Enjoy this beautiful garden in a sunny trip, take amazing photos! Only the orchid garden is upon payment, unless you squeeze with a group ;)

You can find a dedicated post with awesome pictures about the garden here!

“Free monkeys” at the Faber Park
Free views of the city also included. If your budget does not allow you to visit the zoo or safari, a good idea and excercise is visiting this park. I was even lucky enough to meet a mum with his baby monkey. They were so cute! You will get outstanding views of the city while having a deep breath of green air.

Locals having fun with the monkeys...They don't realize someone is just about to jump over them!

Monkey and baby

Monkey questioning about life evolution

The Beauty and the beast! Who is who?

Meditation on a Chinese temple
Even if locals don’t appreciate this temple because they consider it brand new, it is quite big and impressive. Girls will love to see their favourite fragrances being donated to Buddha.  On the 3rd floor you can visit “the tooth of Buddha” but no photos are allowed. In this area, there some spaces if you feel you want to slow down and meditate a little bit. This is one of the temple where I was requested to cover myself (in case I suddenly feel the necessity to meditate with my miniskirt).
Visit Mustapha Center
For jet-lagger and shopping addicts, this center is open 24 hours.

Wander around Malay Heritage center
If you are not Singaporean or permanent resident, the entrance costs 4$. Wandering around the fountain is free and you can take nice pictures. 

Visit Masjid Sultan Mosque
Even if you are not a believer, this mosque located by the Malay Heritage center is worth visiting, at least from outside.

Roam around Little India, Chinatown or the Arab district.
Singapore has many ethnically different neighbourhoods. You will see many temples, diverse people and smell different spices just there.
Carpet sellers in Little India

A cool restaurant by the Arabic district.

Walk around the Fountain of Wealth
Free and luck increasing! What else you can ask? Walk around the central base of the Fountain three times and touching the water at all times, The Fountain of Wealth ( 财富之)is located as a central point of the biggest shopping mall in Singapore, Suntec City.

What to say about the amazing views of Marina Sands Bay, the Singapore symbols, the Merlion or just the amazing buildings. Don’t forget to take your funny photos with all the buildings too!

Going to the top of Marina Sands Bay
Yes, there is a way to do it for free and here you can find it.

Visit Singapore City Gallery
Learn many interesting things about this unique country-city-state.

Marina Barrage
Take amazing photos, enjoy picnic and visit the Sustainable Singapore Gallery, all for free!

Do you have any more advices to add in the list?


Basuki said...

Fascinating blogs...awesome places, great lifestyle. Fantastic way to enrich oneself. Bravo!

Alic Balmes said...

the pics are awesome.I loved the tips and the places you can go for free. :)

Noelfy said...

Basuki and Alex: Thanks for the comments, I am glad you enjoy the blog and pictures!!
i shall be updating more Free things to do in Singapore soon with advices from others readers so keep tuned!! ;)

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