Monday, September 16, 2013

Basic Questions for a Day Trip to Macao

Macao or Macau, as Hong Kong, it is another special administrative area in China. Citizen from 55 countries can visit Macao without previously apply for a visa and they will be granted between 30 and 90 days of stay.

Modernity and tradition also in Macao.

Staying based in Hong Kong for more than a month, It was sure that I should pay a visit to Macao. I am not interested in casinos or shopping but I was looking for the Portuguese heritage there.

How to get to Macao?
Several ferries link Hong Kong Island from Macao Ferry Terminal in Sheung Wan or Kowloon Island. The Macao Ferry Terminal runs every 15 minutes from 07:00- 00:00 and limited service after midnight. There are different prices if you travel in Sundays, bank holidays or you take the night service (starting from 6pm).

Prices of the ferry from Hong Kong to Macao.
And also from Macao to Hong Kong.

Can you have Portuguese food there?
My wish of having a “bacalhao con nata” was not satisfied. I didn’t find any restaurant serving real food, a part from an overpriced restaurant in the center. You can get “pasteis de nata” (Egg Tart) they are very alike as the Portuguese one but they don’t taste as them, more similar to milky tart of Hong Kong. You can get 1 for 7$ or 2 for 10$. A part from that, jerky meat sellers are everywhere and you can get free tasting!

Jerky meat, also widely available in Hong Kong.

Free testing everywhere! yummy!

Egg Tart Macao style

One locals waiting for its lunch to be served.
How to get around
From the port, take the bus 3, 3A or 10 to the downtown. A good starting point is always Senado Square. The bus fare is around 3,20HK$.

Some of these buses will take you downtown.
Can I use Hong Kong dollars in Macao?
Yes, it’s not really necessary to exchange money there, as your HK$ are accepted everywhere. However, the Macao Pataca is a little bit stronger, so you will lose some cents any time you pay with HK$. So it’s worth to convert your money if you are staying for a few days. For day trippers, just use your HK$.

Can I walk around the city?
Yes, they city is easily walkable and you can do most of the attractions without hopping in any bus. From the Port terminal is a little bit far away, so just grab any of the buses going to Largo de Senado. I just took the bus from the port to Senado Square and from there walk around the city, climb the Mount Fortress  and roaming until Casa Garden.

Is it worth to visit Macao?
If you spend more than a week, yes. If not, just enjoy of all the attractions that Hong Kong offers.

Been in Macao? Which one was your overall experience?
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