Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What happened in my life in the last 3 months: Confessions of a Future “Traveling Mom”

Sorry if it took me that long to be able to sit down in front of the computer and write this post… I had several people that were worried about me, always used to be present in a daily bases in all social networks and for the last 3 month was totally disappeared from the blog world.

As you might be still shocked by the title of the post, yes, it is true, I am not reviewing anyone else book or movie; I will be talking about my own personal story: I am 14 weeks pregnant!

What?!!?? You just get back to my bio (here you have the link) because you remembered I said I never wanted to marry and have children…And you are right...But everything happened for a reason…

Last July, when I was still planning to do St. James Way in north Spain, I had an invitation from my friend from Auckland, who was traveling in Europe, to visit her friend somewhere in Gloucester. As always, I cannot refuse a trip to anywhere, so I join her. Her friend soon realized about my personality and though that it was not better place for me than the Druid Camp and they drop me there to work in the night shift in the Café.

And then he appeared, the most lovely man I ever meet, who just needed a few days to convulse my life and made me change everything I believe… Obviously it had to be a person who loves traveling and not a stupid tourist, someone that can go to the jungle in the Amazons, Peru and lived like a native with an Inca tribe (the Asháninkas) or went to Thailand to help the Elephants and “forgot” to visit all the tourist tramps and beaches in the south or went to Morocco to protect his crazy and pregnant girlfriend. Someone that still believes that we can change the world with the power of the Mother Nature and stop the brainwashing that religions and TV are making the Human Beings subserving.  And these are only a few examples…

My baby is really lucky. With only "3 months" and already visited 3 countries: UK, Spain and Morocco. (In the picture: Noelfy and Pandita in Chefchaouen, Morocco)

The only point that we did not having in common refers to children. For him, children are miracles of life. For me, they were just a pain in the ass, selfish little human-beings that will disrupt my life forever and will not allow me to travel as a free bird anymore. It took him quite a lot of time to convince me that we can still travel with children, that we will not be the first family or the last in the world to do so and that children could also enhance my travel experience instead of ruin it. 

So that it’s when I told myself:  Now or never! 

I found the right man, someone I would like my children to look like, someone that has a passion for educate and raise them and make them useful people for the society.

I thought I could wait for a few years, keep traveling but then I realized: I finished university long time ago, I worked for more than 4 world-known international companies and I stepped a foot in all 6 continents (including North Pole). What else do I need to wait for? I am already 27 years old! There are many countries waiting for me, many amazing jobs and adventures but I don’t need to refuse the maternity in order to accomplish them. As he says:

 “Your life will never be the same as before, but it can still be beautiful!”

What is next for me?
Pandita (this is the nickname we gave him/her until we know if it is a she or he and we can figure it out a decent name. Just calling him/her Baby is too boring) is due at the end of April. Until then, I will be based in the Forest of Dean, England, where I will spend my first winter since I studied in Germany in 2006 (Yes, I had been hiding in Caribbean Islands, South East Asia and Hemisphere South to avoid the European winter, which is not even that bad in Spain :P). After that, we have an interesting summer organizing Nudist Camps, Massages, Music and Druid Camps. 

In September I am planning to bring the child first time to Spain to meet the family and arrange all the paperwork to get the passport.

After that, we have many ideas: Going back to Malaysia, move to Australia for a few months, travel in South America… 

I promise I will keep you updated and I will try to catch up with everyone and all my pending post, keep tuned!!
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