Friday, November 22, 2013

Going to the Top of Marina Sands Bay for Free

For many people around the world, going to the Top of the Marina Bay Sands and swimming on the Infinite Pool is like a dream made true. But it is expensive and hard to get to the top. I will tell you in this post how to go to the top for free and what can you get if you pay for the observation deck area.

Enjoy the views of Garden of the Bay for free!

How to get to Marina Bay Sands
MTR Esplanade or Marina Bay will take you to this beautiful area. Then just walk to the hotel. The entrance is very confusing and one of the entrances is walking through the casino (have your passport ready for it). There is also another entrance on the ground floor, just ask any security of the area to redirect you there.

How to go to the observation deck
Going to the Mezzanine level  down with the escalators and find the entrance to the observation deck. The entrance fee there is 20S$ for an adult. There you can see views like this:

How to enjoy the view for free
On the top on Marina Sand, there are a restaurant and cocktail bar whose name is constantly changing. Just say down on the lift that you want to have some drinks there. They will give you a business card. When you arrive to floor 57, they will ask for your small business card and suddenly all the waiters will try to make you buy drinks but just make them wait and enjoy the views and take some pictures. No one will actually kick out from there.
Before taking back the lift down, pretend you are going to the toilet. At the end of that corridor, there is the famous infinite pool!

Can we visit the infinite pool?
No matter if you have some drinks or you pay the entrance fee for the skypark. Unless you are a guest, no one is allowed to actually swim there. You can get a few photos from the pool area, but if you don’t pay between 400-600S$ a night (or another deal) you won’t be able to take pictures there!

Have you ever gone to the Marina Bay Sands? Did you managed to get to the top using another way?

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