Monday, November 18, 2013

Riyadh Airport Review

After finishing my 8 months trip and having found a super deal from Singapore to London Heathrow with Saudia Airlines, I knew I had to spend 6 hours at King Khaled International Airport, in Riyabh, the capital of Saudi Arabia Kingdom. The flight was so cheap (215GBP one way)that I was prepared for everything (even to fly on a carpet).

Our aircraft.

Things I liked from this airport

  • Water refilling in every corner.

  • Abundant toilets also everywhere.
Don't forget your burqa when going to the toilet.

  • Electronic device chargers in every seating area.
  • Airport staff spoke more English than expected.
  • Free dinner (while waiting at the terminal!)

Never been given food while waiting for the connecting flight!

Things that I dislike

  • In May 2013 the airport was under renovation. Not that I like shopping, but at least I can kill time walking around the duty free. This time, it was closed.

Nothing, absolutely nothing to do at this boring airport, a part from carpets to pray -_-

  • When transiting we have to give our bags for check-in and the ladies have to enter to a dark room where a woman with full black burqa will do the metallic detector scan. Quite scary, even for an experiemented traveler as me!

  • Prices were quite high! 12R (3,20US$) for a latte in Starbucks, 18(4,7US$) for a guava juice or also 18 for a sandwich. Back to the Western prices. Singapore Changi airport had more reasonable prices to be an Asian hub.

  • Not being able to access to the Wi-Fi as you need to provide your phone number in order for them to send you a passcode. This was for me and the rest of foreigners without roaming like not providing internet service at all.

Things I dislike with passion

  • Observing woman wearing the piece of cloth that liberates them from sexual harassment (that’s how the extremist Muslims call the burqa). I don't want to enter in religious discussions because this a matter that no one can debate a part from one woman with another woman. And you know my opinion already.
My apologies about the quality of this picture, but my mood was so black as the colour of this "Walking Curtain"
  • Walking happily at the airport trying to find something to do and feel tons of sights from depraved men over my person not sure if they were scanning me with their eyes or like if I wouldn’t have the right to be in the world. No one seems to have the right to be happy in Riyabh airport. No more comments. If you are a free soul that support Human Right, try to avoid this airport. I will next time.
The only beautiful decoration of this airport.

This plants look beautiful. Or I might be looking for some beauty in such a horrible airport.
Never been in an airport where you wish never to be back again?
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