Thursday, November 28, 2013

What I am thankful for this year 2013

Last year I had many things to be thankful for. This year would not been an exemption! If we start in order:

-I managed to live in central Hong Kong in a luxury service apartment, rent free for 2 months! (thanks couchsurfing!). I was able to enjoy every corner of the city as a local.

Hong Kong is not only huge massive building. You can find peace in the surrounding islands, as Lamma Island, one of my favorites.

- I randomly choose Malaysia as my next destination after Hong Kong and I felt in love with this country.
Awesome memories in Kota Kinabalu!
- I finally stepped in Australia and hugged a Koala!

- I spent a beautiful month in New Zealand. 

In Hunua Waterfalls with my friend Caro from Chile.

- I went back to Hong Kong and visited Mainland China for the very  first time (and not the last)
Noisy, colorful, flashing with lights..It looks like China, right?

-I was able to return to Malaysia, spend 2 weeks there including my birthday and visit also Singapore.

Being naughty in Marina Bay Esplanade with my twin friends from Venezuela

-I was invited to a Druid Camp in England, meet an awesome man, feel in love and decided to have a child with him!

-My partner is a traveler too and we visited Morocco together.
This was the first (and for sure not the last) trip of my Pandita to a foreign country. He/She behaved really well :)
-I am starting to get more serious with my blog, and getting really good connections with blogger and publisher.

- I am 4 months pregnant now, my baby is very healthy and it's not giving me any pain or sickness whatsoever. I am enjoying a very smooth pregnancy.
Getting very spoilt during my pregnancy!

And you? have you though about what to be thankful for this year?

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