Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Visiting Brisbane City on a budget

Brisbane city is sadly promoted by the locals as “There is nothing to see at Brisbane”.
Obviously is a brand new place with not so many years since their settlement. However, it’s a lovely city to enjoy for a few days.

The Wheel of Brisbane

Where to eat/grab a snack for less than 10AU$
Good luck in this. In Downtown very hard you will find a sandwich or something for less than 10AU$. I used to feed me with 2AU$ sushi rolls and 1AU$ coffee from 7 Eleven. Any other options a part from International Fast Food chains will set you down a good few dollars.
My favorite sushi place in downtown Brisbane

Burger King is Hungry Jack in Australia

Fortunately water fountains are available everywhere for you to refill your water bottle.

Public Transport on the cheap 
It is quite clean and very well organized. But obviously quite expensive. Buy a GOCARD for 5AU$ deposit and top up with credit. This will save you 30% of the price of the paper ticket. Still, zone one is 2,68, 2 zones is 3,08AU$, 3 zones is 3,65…In off peak time...Check the current prices here.
I found that the long distance train to Gold Coast to be quite affordable, for about 10,25-12,81AU$ (off peak/peak time) you can travel 1h 30’ with the train…Much cheaper than a few rides with the bus.
There is several places to top-up your GoCard such as 7 Eleven, Convenience Stores, Trains Stations…
Riding around Brisbane and discovering the best attraction by bike is a great idea, as there is bike paths everywhere and drivers seems to be more conscious about the bikers. In the Riverside there is Green Taxis, Rickshaws bikes that will take you for an environmental friendly ride.

Here you can top up your GoCard

Green Taxis
Brisbane and most all cities and public places in Australia are smoking free.

A young musician busking in a smoking free area in CBD.
Been in Brisbane? Do you agree with the locals that it is nothing to see in Brisbane?
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