Thursday, January 9, 2014

2013 Resolutions...Win or fail?

These were my list of resolutions for the year 2013! Did I managed to accomplish them?


  • Eat more veggies (easy to follow in China but harder in the Philippines) And even more harder in the UK, with plastic vegetables. But I was volunteering in an organic garden during the summer and getting free strawberries, lettuces, spinacs that I pick up myself from the Garden. Learning a lot about growing food. I moved to the Forest of Dean in October and started a proper gardener life! Done! 
  • Buy (or grow) organic food when available. After moving to Gloucestershire, easy peasy! Done!
  • Reduce drastically the consume of coffee, alcohol  and meat. (in this I am very proud, I drank 3 beers,5 glasses of wine in 12 month, 10dl of champagne to toast during Christmas and a few hot chocolates baileys; DONE! coffee only occasionally, it has laxatives properties and meat not so often!! (In England this is harder and after getting pregnant even worse so I started to eat meat in a daily basis everyday again) Fail...
  • Say goodbye to sweet, cakes and carbo Being pregnant, hard to avoid the chocolate...Fail

Xmas dinner 2012 in Hong Kong, tempted to kill that matcha cake!


  • Run as much as I can ( In New Zealand I had been running, swimming and babysitting kids(the hardest one!)) Here I run, cycle and weed my plants at least 2 hours a day, so I am happy! Even when being pregnant, I still consider myself quite active. Done!
  • When closer to the sea, swim at least 15 minutes per day. I am not close to the sea anymore but my family in law has a hot tub which I use in a weekly base. Done!

  • Train my triceps. Still needs to improve. Fail...
  • Cycle my bike Yes, definitely while protesting and trying to change the world! ;) but not doing it while pregnant as we live in a mountain area. Fail...


  • Protect the animals and the environmental as much as I can. (check my facebook page for photos of my beloved puppies in El Nido) I am not even able to kill a snail, even if they destroy my plants :( And I will always protect them. Done!

  • Call home more often (this need to improve) Still, needs to improve...Fail
  • Work at least 3 hours a day in my blog. Getting really bad since my hormones doesn't let me focus in anything. Fail
  • Keep my hair, nails and feet hydrate. My lover is taking care of my hair. I am a disaster. Fail
  • Do not carry many heavy stuff in my back. I am not allowed anymore and I have a loved one carrying my bag during my trip ( we traveled in Morocco for 2 weeks only carrying a backpack for both) Done!


  • Learn dive master This for the future right now... Fail
  • Travel to St. James Way by bike starting from Bilbao and Vitoria-Gasteiz...Also fail...Why? Coz I feel in love and my plans changed!
  • Visit Poland, Sicily, Morocco, Baltic countries?  Only Morocco this time. The rest are on the list!

And the most important:

Relax, do not worry about money or material stuff. Live healthy and happily Absolutely!The best advice for a healthy pregnancy! Done!

9 out of 18 resolutions were fully accomplished. But I cannot blame myself, as I was a full time traveler through Asia and Australia/ New Zealand until May and then I got pregnant in August and I have to re-adapt most of my plans.

What about 2014? You can find my resolution soon. If you have your own list, do not hesitate to share it in the comments.
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