Monday, January 6, 2014

Eating out in Almaty

What will you find in Almaty when you want to eat out at inexpensive restaurants?

Comparing the prices of buying groceries, eating out is not that expensive. A 10% service charge will be usually added to your bill. A three-courses lunch for 700Tг (4,5US$) or dinner for two for around 1000Tг (6,5$). Some places that I visit and I could recommend in Almaty:

Beautiful decoration in Halibab.

*Halibab : Here you can enjoy shishas and their wonderful decoration, while eating as a nomad king. They work in a set menu where you can choose only the first course. Drinks are tea or lemonade (sparkling soda, not fresh squeezed), starter (small salad), soup and first course (that day the choices were plov or chicken with mash potatoes) Dessert is also included. Everything for only 770 per person! No doubt why is full of local people there.
Starter: Some salad with crab and veggies.

A delicious carrot and potato soup with tons of rosemary.

It was time to have my first plov and beef with tomato and onion.

Mash potato and marinated spicy chicken.
Te and desserts inclusive!

*El Douro: Open 24 hours, serves acceptable dishes and pizzas for around 800Tг. I enjoyed my first lagman (Λaгmaн) here. Tea was provided in a big pot. Everything for 1000Tг (6.5$) (For 2 people, we both ordered the same)

For the lagman you need fork and spoon. First you drink the soup...
...Then you eat the noodles and the rest of the toppings with the fork.

*Kaganat: It’s one of the places where locals regularly eat. It’s a fast food place but serving local food too. There are several of them open in the city.

Can you add more recommendations to the list?
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