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Getting to know fellow travel bloggers: eTramping

And no one better to start a new section than the guys of eTramping!
Not probably the best photo but the only one we are together
A few months ago, I publish a short post about one of my latest Filipino snack, the taho. Not a very elaborated post (actually it took me a few minutes only) but someone that I haven’t meet (who is this blondie?) at that time left a comment: Agness Walenwinder from eTramping.

What does all this tramping mean? I started to read her blog, which she is writing together with her best friend Cez. I was very curious, as I lived/worked with many Polish people in my life, all very hard working and loyal people, but not the one I will go out to party with or traveling!!  Hmm, interesting, let’s follow them back too.

But these guys have a really well elaborating and professional website and even they help another bloggers to develop their business with Blog Installations. The posts and the photos are amazing. How can you not follow and like them?

My trip took me back to this powerful city, Hong Kong. After spending a few months traveling to the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Australia and New Zealand I nearly can call Hong Kong home (or at least my home in Asia during this trip 2012/2013).
Arriving in Da Lan.

But this time, I didn’t want to spend more time in Hong Kong, Macao or the Outlining islands. I felt curious to see what is going on in China and I discovered it was one visa on arrival available to purchase only for Shenzhen area. (But you are not allowed to exit the Shenzhen Economical Space). That’s why, when Agness asked me if I would visit them in Dongguan, my answer was that my visa doesn't allow me to do that...But wait…

Since when do I follow the rules?
Having fun with LOVE while waiting for them to finish their jobs.
Stupid car ruining my selfie photo with LOVE.

These two girls looking so appropriate for my LOVE photo!

After many people telling me that no one will check my visa on the bus but they are likely to do so at the train, I decided to give a try (what to lose? What could the Chinese government do if they catch me?:P) and be able to meet these lovely bloggers.

Luohu port (the border with Hong Kong) is also the bus station. Several bus go to Dongguan and the price is 40 yuans. The trip duration is about 1 hour.

Cez and Agness were working until 5pm. I was lucky to find a coffee shop with acceptable internet to keep blogging for a while.
Still explaining them how to pronounce my real name :P

Once I meet the guys, I was welcomed with a huge warm smile from both of them. After explaining them how to pronounce my name, they showed me their new city, we walked around the market and went to get some drinks... I ended up couchsurfing with them too and talking with Cez about about 2am about lifes, job, blogs, dreams, future! Such a night!
Noelfy and Cez! Follow Us!

I remember here we were talking about relationship!

Amazing guys down-to-earth, they have an amazing blog to follow and admire!! Thanks for always being there, guys!
They are long distant cyclist and they cycled in Vietnam for 2 months!

Read about their trips, follow and adore them here:
Twitter: @agnesstramp & @Cezkrol
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