Monday, January 13, 2014

FREE Travel Calendar

As a gift to my readers, I would like to give you for absolutely no cost a calendar with my best travel pictures of 2013 so you can easily print it and hang in your wall while planning your next trip!

In the Noelimits Calendar 2014 you can find stunning pictures like these:

Fes, Morocco.

Malapascua, Philippines.
Cabo de Gata, Almería, Spain.

Many travel blogger photographers will think that my pictures had no a great quality, i know I need to upgrade into a new camera (coming soon!)

To download the calendar, use this link (it will be online for a week. Further copies can be requested into my email address):

Happy New Year!

I hope you enjoy the calendar! If you like this calendar and you will like to contribute with a small donation, please feel free to do so into my paypal account:

Another way to contribute is by sharing this calendar to someone that might enjoy it!

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