Monday, February 10, 2014

Visiting Brussels on a budget.

Belgium is an awesome country full of surprises, often not so appreciated as a tourist destination. When someone thinks of Belgium, European Union and financial city come to mind, however a real traveler should never miss this city! Find here some advice about things to do and where to stay in Brussels.

Grand Place
A must seen square from the 12th century, very cheerful and colourful with flowers on the balconies. In the surrounding area, there are many cafés, chocolate shops and many old hotels. As you can see here, prices range between low to high in this area, so you can surely find something that suits your wallet. This is a place with an enjoyable atmosphere!

Belgium is a beer paradise
If you love beers, consider moving to Belgium. After living one year in Germany I don’t remember ever being blown away with so many varieties as I did in a few weeks in Belgium. One of my favourite places in Brussels was Delirium (very touristy, but I was never able to finish the entire selection of beers on the menu). Nightlife is also very vibrant in Brussels.

Meet Manneken Pis' sister
Everyone knows this little boy as a symbol of Brussels, but not everyone knows that he also has a sister doing exactly the same as he is!

Even if you don't like chocolate (Is that possible?), just hang out around the shops and you will see elaborate handmade chocolates being made. Most of the places will even give you free samples!
Moules and frites
Being mussels and french fries one of my favourite meals, I really enjoyed in Brussels! In some restaurants you can order a lunch meal deal including beer for 10€!

Brussels is a green city
If you love  nature as much as I do, there are several parks that will connect you with Mother Nature for a break and clean air to breathe.

A lovely playground with children having fun.
Modern architecture
I am not a fan of modern buildings, but I think that Brussels a city full of logic and naturally beautiful new structures.

 More tips:
  • Look for the free maps Use It done by locals is full of tips about accommodation, where the locals hang out and much more. I visited the main office (Steenkoolkaai 9B Quai à la Houille, close to St. Catherine metro) and they were nice enough to allow me to use their internet, give me coffee and even free train ticket to Antwerten!)
  • If you have enough time, do not miss the charmed Brugge!
    Stunning Brugge river view.

  • Also, Belgians are very well traveled and hitch-hiking is quite safe. There are many trucks carrying supplies around the country all day long and many truck drivers willing to give you a ride. Taking into consideration the distances of this small country (with all major cities situated in about 25-35 minutes from each other) hitch-hiking is a good option but please be aware of the dangers!
  • There are several low cost companies flying to Brussels Charleroi Airport in the south of the city, 50km away from the centre. Buses cost up to 14€ one way (guaranteed price if you book it online). The main Brussels Airport is connected with 4 trains per hour, 17 minutes trip, price is around 7.8€.
  • If you love traveling by train, get the Go-Pass ticket. For 51€  if you are younger than 25 years old you will get 10 train rides! 
Have you ever been in Brussels? Which more other ideas we should not to miss?

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