Friday, April 18, 2014

Getting connected while in Hong Kong

Back in the time, i didn't bother to buy SIM cards when traveling. But during my trip to Central Asia I was totally spoil about how cheap and accessible was to own a local SIM card and the opportunities when having a smart phone.

Before landing in Hong Kong, I checked with some of the locals about buying one in there. I was told: A normal SIM card in Hong Kong cost around 200$ (what? This is about 20€ or 24 US$). You might get it cheaper at the convenient store or outside the airport

Asking at Hong Kong International Airport did not help. Once I arrived to Po Lam, I entered in the first convenient store and I got myself a SIM card for 48$. It's a PCCW network, not much exciting, but it was easy to top up and it did its job the 2 months I was in Hong Kong.

Any Hong Kong resident who could give an advice of a cheap pay as you go SIM card with English language option and easy to top up for the other travelers? Your comments are like always appreciated!

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