Sunday, August 10, 2014

Next Destination: Greece

How can your world change in one year?

At the end of July 2013 I was offered the opportunity to work in some creative camps hosted in the English countryside. I got fascinated by the Druid Camp (always chose to be a druid in the RPG and could not believe that someone will still follow this path).

I met my other half the same night that I step into the Druid Camp. In less than 24 hours we were together and still enjoying our honeymoon.
With my love and Ganesha

Being born in south Spain and never been in Morocco? That happened also in October 2013 while I was pregnant of our fist child. Pregnant? yes...I decided to help my partner to make one of his biggest dreams(to be a daddy) true and we became parents of the cutest baby boy of the world in May 2014.

Selfie in Fes
Our baby is already 3 months and it's growing beautifully and though that, I can't settle down. If I imagine my life as a housewife, tears come into my eyes. No! I want to keep traveling and keep encouraging the world to do the same.

Breastfeeding day and night is so tiring!

Today I was told by one of my friends: I had done something "noelfic": I quit my job and I will go to Peru in September to travel and volunteer there...

How beautiful and inspiring for me is that even for me!!

I still have many things to share. I know I had been quite for the last year trying to adapt myself to the changes of my body and mind while pregnant and later on, to learn how to take care of my newborn while recovering from such a difficult labour.

Hopefully we can go to Greece during this winter: I had been already in Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Crete and other cruise ship port of calls. We would like to stay somewhere in the countryside not so far from the sea. Any family hotel, wwoofing opportunity, housesitting or ideas to do are highly appreciated. My partner is an experimented carpenter with knowledge of all trades so if you know of anyone that has a hotel or house that need repair, we could discuss that. Please leave all your suggestions in the comments section!

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