Saturday, October 25, 2014

4 Free Things to do in Tokyo

Spectacular, vibrant and unique. Not many cities around the world have the energy that Tokyo has. Though is not my favourite city in Japan, I spent 40 days here back in 2010 and I consider myself part of the city. Find here advices to get around Tokyo having the best time of your life without spending a yen.

Free Things to do in Tokyo

Walk, walk, walk!
Wander around any of its famous neighbourhoods: Shibuya, Ginza, Shinagawa, Shinjuku. Admire the rhythm of the city, its curious inhabitants and camera in hand. Immortalise every second of your stay.
With Tokyo Tower

Finding art and beauty in every corner of Tokyo.

Visit the Imperial Palace:
It’s free but you have to book it in advance and you will have to ask any of your Japanese friends to book it for you. You are allowed to visit the gardens and don’t really have the freedom to wander around. After visiting so many palaces, temples or gardens, I didn’t feel that the Imperial Palace deserved that much trouble of the booking.

These two cute girls weren't exactly at Tokyo Imperial Palace, but they were too sweet not to add them in this post!

Go “temple hopping”
Even if you are not a religious person, Japan will blow your mind with the absurd quantity of temples and shrines scattered in every corner. Most of them are free or cost around300Y, so get your camera ready and try to get your future travel book pictures taken! I loved Asakusa Kannon Temple with little shops of swords, chopsticks and sweets but it is also quite crowded. Just get your map from the tourist information and wander around trying to find it!
Asakusa Kannon!

Learn Japanese:
Yes, it is quite easy to learn (Japanese is not Chinese) and good news for Spanish speakers: The phonetics sounds of Japanese language and Spanish are quite similar! Japanese has 4 alphabets, 1 is complicated as hell and required years of  study (Kanji, the complicated Chinese characters) but the other 2 are easy to learn with a few days of memorising and practice (katakana and hiragana) and the last one, romaji. It is the same as we use in English and other Western languages. A part from that, some cultural association will teach you Japanese for free (run by retired Japanese teachers that cannot stop working even when retired)
Get yourself inmmersed into Japanese language by traveling in there.

Kanjis are the hardest to learn

Bonus: Get your fortune told

This isn’t exactly free, but for 100Y you can get an O-Mikugi reading! To know more about o-Mikugi, visit my previous post.
My fortune was always brilliant!
Any more advices about free things to do in Tokyo?


Anne Klien said...

Great tips here. .. Id love to visit Japan :)

Anne Klien said...

Great tips here, id love to visit Japan.

Scott Tisson said...

Brilliant guide, thank you I hope to go there next year :D

Noelfy said...

Japan is a beautiful place, do not miss your chance!!

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