Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween around the world

Trick or treat?
I am at home right now with the baby. Children keep knocking at the door and asking for candies...Lucky me that I had an emergency chocolate cake available.

I was just thinking in my past Halloween days and how I celebrate them.

2006, Germany

I was an Erasmus student in there. Nick, one of the American exchange students gave us a lesson about how to carve pumpkims. I did a piggy one. Afterwards, we had a very cool Halloween party!

Nick from Memphis and the Spanish students

2008, Bishop Stortford, England
What do flight attentdant do between flight ?Party, party and more party. Nothing changes because it is Halloween. Oh well, the masks.

2009, Budapest

I decided to dress up as a geisha! We went to a house party.

2011 Boracay, Philippines

Beautiful island but not much of Halloween tradition. I made my zombie make up with some eyeliners.

2012 Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Another beautiful country without much Halloween tradition. Still, i had  a great time with some students in the main square.

2013 Forest of Dean, England
I was 3 months pregnant and working as a cook in one popular restaurant of the area. Not much happening a part from a few carves pumpkims.

And you? How was your most original Halloween night?

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